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Microsoft Windows Explorer Opening on Startup

Guest jennynovak

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Guest jennynovak


I am new to this site, but already I have learned something which helped, so thank you.

My query is that on my sister's Windows XP PC, it constantly opens the Microsoft window in Windows Explorer showing two folders:

Windows Live Messenger (which she subscribe to) &

Search Enhancement Pack


I have looked in msconfig / Setup tab, but cannot recognise the file that triggers this to open. Can you help please?

Jenny Novak, Norfolk

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Are you trying to prevent Windows Live Messenger and Search Enhancement Pack from running?


There is a setting in the preferences of Windows Messenger that can be checked to prevent it from running at start.


As far as search enhancement pack goes...

-Look in C:/Program Files/Microsoft/SearchEnhancement Pack

-Delete or rename the file called "Seaport.exe" and delete any other files there too.



Hope that helps

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Guest jennynovak

Thanks for your quick response. I will see her again next Saturday, so will try your recommendation of either deleting the Search Enhancement Pack folder or renaming it and will report back. However, I use laptop with Vista and although I have the same folder in C:/Program Files/Microsoft/SearchEnhancement Pack, I don't get it opening each time I start up.

With regard to the Windows Live Messenger folder, I too use this service and have it automatically sign me in when I startup, but I don't have the same window appear on startup.

I only installed Windows Live Messenger on her PC (XP O/S) and she does want it to sign her in automatically too, but even before I installed it, the Search Enhancement Pack was still appearing.

I think I might possibly have opted for hers to be linked to emails (or similar option) which I didn't do on mine. Could this be the reason for the folder appearing on hers and if so, how can I prevent it?

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I always use Spybot Search and Destroy and inside of it you can configure what will START during boot. You might want to take a look at that or download a copy of Microsoft Security Essentials. I think MSE also has a tool to control what STARTS at boot as well.


That being said, you can also hit Windows Key + R and type MSCONFIG.exe and then click on the STARTUP tab. from there you can also configure WHAT is started at boot. I actually just tried that out and turned off about 5 things that doesn't need to start at boot.

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Guest thomaspiter

You can use the command-line switches either to customize the default view that Windows Explorer uses when it starts, or to specify the view when you start Windows Explorer from a command prompt.

You can use the following switches with the Explorer.exe command.






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