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Firefox icons in navigation bar


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Ive got a serie of buttons for fast acces to sites. Most of the buttons have there own pic. Like the one from groovypost.com, so I can delete the title and just keep the icon with the green GP letters in it. But some buttons dont have there own pic. Like the Synology forums. Its shows as just a white paper sheet thingy. So in that case I have to keep the titles next to the icon.


My question is, can I change that?

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You know what, that's an awesome tip! I never thought about deleting the name and just leaving the FAVICON. Very cool.


Now to answer your question, it goes back to the Favicon. By default all websites don't have the Favicon, they need to create one then copy it up to the root of their Webservers. For instance, you can find mine here: http://www.groovypost.com/favicon.ico


Now, as a browser goes to a site and it detects the Favicon.ico file it will show it in the TAB or next to the site etc... If not, usually they get a BLANK page like explained.


So if you goto a site like the Synlology Forums??? and you see just a blank page, it's probably because they need to create a favicon.ico file and copy it to the root of their server/forum.


Make sense?

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Very logical. And ofc it makes sense :D but....Ive got a few white sheet icons in a row. And if i delete the title i wont be able to know wich one is wich. So how do i change the favicon my self, into a favicon i can reconize without needing a title?


Hmmm... I know of NO way to change the Facicon yourself. You need to email the Webmaster and tell him to get his crap together and put a favicon up on his site.

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Ill see what i can do. Whats the best freeware app to make screenshots like you always make?


Jing?? It's from the same company that groovy dude uses (snag it) but jingo is the free version. Not as good but ok.


Windows 7 or vista snipping tool also is pretty good.


I would wriTe something for ya groovy dude but my writing SUCKS!!!

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