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Hi Izzmo,


I've had really weird issues on the site when using IE so I'm not surprised that your having issues. Are you logging in using Twitter or Disqus? Firefox or IE?


What do you think of Disqus overall? I enabled it just about a month ago to test it out and so far, your not the only person to complain about it.


I was thinking about (just tonight in fact) bringing back the original built-in comment system again and scrap Disqus.


Thoughts everyone?

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Well.. I like Disqus actually. It's used on a lot of other websites I use, so it makes things easier for me.


I just don't know if I've noticed this on the other sites or not, most likely because I don't jump from post to post like I do on here sometimes. Do you know if loggin in everything to Disqus per post is because of Disqus?

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sorry... what are you guys talking about?


Vadim you dork. The disqus is the main comment system on the site. If you would comment more dude perhaps you would know that. LOL


U know I live ya. ;)

lol, how do you live someone? (J/k :P )





well... live is 1 step down from LOVE ;)


you know - I live to be your friend! :wink:

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Check your cookies config?


Works great for me. I use firefox only. Personally I could go either way. I think disqus slows the page load a bit but, I like the Twitter login.


Took a look at your twitter page... I have to say, it changed my life!



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