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Enable Aero with RDP Remote Desktop and Multiple Desktops


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Is it possible to enable the Aero Theme (desktop composition) with Transparency on multiple monitors over RDP (Remote Desktop Connection)? I'm using the latest RDP 7 I think with my Windows 7 VM and Client but it's not working.


Anyway here's my setup:


Host Server:

Windows Server 2008 R2 AND Vmware ESXI (Tested with both)


Guest VM

Windows 7 RTM x64

Windows 7 RTM x86


Client Computer

Windows 7 RTM x64 on a Dell Precision T5400

Dual Monitors (multimon)


When I connect to the Virtual Windows 7 machine I'm able to get the full Aero theme. This is also called Desktop Composition on the Win 7 machine. This is true no matter if I connect to the VM being hosted on the Windows Server 2008 R2 Server or the ESXi virtual host. That's the good news.


The problem I'm having is when I check the box "Use all my monitors for the remote session" I connect to the remote Windows 7 Client and both monitors are used however it dials back and only uses the basic Windows 7 Theme / Aero with no Transparency.


Anyone know how to fix this? I'm trying to get a test ready for my CIO to show off my VDI plan (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure).



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Hey Vadim,


I wish I had good news for you but... I don't.


Take a look at this thread here:


No Aero/multimon for a single console window using Remote Desktop?


Robert is right. Its not possible to do what you want.


Multimon is to take advantage of client side multiple monitors.


For the Aero / Multimon question:


Read this:


http://blogs.msdn.com/rds/archive/2009/ ... ssion.aspx


Aero is not supported with true RDP multimon for Win7. If you specify both desktop composition and multimon for a Remote Desktop

connection, then multimon takes precedence and you will not get desktop composition.


If you enable multimon on your Windows 7 RDP connection, Aero (aka desktop composition) will be disabled.


Granted, things still look really nice however you lose all the cool Aero Peek, Transparency etc..

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