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Steam Hulu To The PS3

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Anyone know of a way to stream Hulu to the Playstation 3?


I've heard of PlayON but they want $30 to buy the software. And then I've tried Tversity Pro but I can't get it to work.


Well Tversity almost works but then I get a corrupted data error when trying to play the file.

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I found PlayON works. http://www.playon.tv/playon


It's not exactly free but it works AWESOME!

I've been able to watch everything on Hulu without a hassle.


You can use the 14-day trial, and it works from virtual machines so you can create a snapshot before installing it and just revert and reinstall as many times as you want. There is also a crack out there somewhere, however that doesnt work too well because whenever they update it older versions become unuseable.


If you like it you can buy it for $39.99. http://www.playon.tv/purchase

The Trial pay thing is a scam though, it makes me want to slap them for having that option, especially since its the default payment option.


I do have a few complaints. Keep in mind I only use it to watch Hulu and some CBS.

  • If the connection gets interrupted, 50% of the time you have to restart the show from the very beginning
  • You can't fastforward at more than 1.5x speed without making the video crash
  • It's very frustrating if the connection drops and you are near the end of the show since you cant fast forward
  • From a PS3 there is no search function, but there is an alphabetical show list as well as Popular Items lists
  • PlayON customer support sucks
  • Can't stream local media, only internet site content like Hulu, but still shows up as a media server on your network


On the bright side

  • It plays Hulu - probably the only reason worth getting it.
  • Hulu stream comes in 480p which is better than standard definition cable
  • Hulu freaking rocks, 30 second commercials, and only like 3-5 per show
  • Hulu makes you wait 8 days to watch the latest House episode
  • Pluguins let you play other channels like Adultswim or weather channel
  • It's not a resource hog and runs seamlessly in background

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