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Removing the card and using it in card reader as Beyond_Life suggested would give the fastest transfer speeds.

If you don't have a card reader then Groovypost has a step by step guide on how to transfer files wirelessly between your Android phone and computer. Here is the link.


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Im not realy sure what the problem is. What phone do you have? Do you have a new HTC one with a sd card you cant remove?

In all the other Android phones, you can just remove the sd card, plug it in you laptop, maybe through a card reader, and find what you want to delete. Most of the times the folder you want is named "Camera".

A better way (and also easier) is with Dropbox. Install it, select "auto upload" and all the pictures on you phone will be uploaded to the Dropbox folder with the name "Camera Uploads". When the phone is done, you can format the sd card in the phone, or through a cardreader in your pc.

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