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Apple iMAC vs. HP Pavilion Elite m9600t


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Today I "ALMOST" become a MAC/APPLE user.


Here's what I Spec'd out on Store.apple.com:

iMAC 24Inch

3.06Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo

4 Gigs Memory 1066 MHZ DDR3 SDRam (8 Gigs was another $1k) huh??

1TB Serial ATA Drive

NVIDIA GeForce GT 130 512MB


Price - $2200.00 before Tax


I was all ready to go then I decided to do 1 last check... on the DELL and HP Store. The DELL XPS and the HP Elite M9600T Both have the new i7-940 Intel Quad Core Nehalem but I found the HP had nicer packaging and it was less expensive.


Here is the HP Spec:

HP Pavilion Elite M9600T

2.93Ghz i7-940 Intel Quad Core Nehalem

6GB 1066 MHZ DDR3

500Gig Raid 0 Hard Drives

1 GB NVidia GeForce 9800GT w/2DVI, HDMI, VGA Adapters

Blu-Ray Writer w/lightscribe

TV Tuner

HP 2159M 21.5 Inch Monitor

HP 400VA UPS Surge Protection

Price - $2100.00 Before Tax w/30 HP Coupon Code - SV2132


I can honestly say I ALMOST went with the MAC for the bigger screen but, here's why I went with the HP:


1 - Expandability aka - load it up with Drives inside.

2 - 2x the Video Card

3 - RAID on the Drives. Sure, I won't have a TB of disk space built in but, I have 2 external eSATA ports for the $100.00 1TB eSata drive I'll buy a Frys once it gets here.

4 - 2x the CPU. Core 2 DUO Vs. the Quad Core Nehalem. That's 2 more cores!!

5 - Blu-Ray Burner / Writer. That's 50 Gigs of backup per Blu-Ray disk!

6 - UPS

7 - 2 Gigs of EXTRA memory AND, I can add another 8 GIGS to give me 12 GIGS total. Last I looked, I can get 4 GIGS from FRY's for $50. That's $950.00 cheaper than the iMAC on the Apple Store.

8 - Windows 7 Released Q4 2009 + my XBOX 360 = Streaming goodness.


Need I say more?


I started writing these down in a spreadsheet and by #5 I hit the purchase button on the HP site.


Anyway.... Just thought I would pass this on. Did I miss anything? The only thing I'm going to miss is the WOW factor the iMAC gets when ppl see it.


Oh well, I think for 2x the Computer, I'll get over it. :)

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I agree. For the bang for the buck, I think the apple is nice as a piece of furniture. for new computer people, i think the ease of use factor is in the alley of the mac however I have just to much software which would not run on the apple.


then there is the premium price for the apple. nahhh... i think you made the right choice with the HP.


So, why did you go HP and not DELL specifically?

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Guest Animis

if you call HP and request an install disk they will mail you (free) a OEM vista install cd that is blank. Good for wiping if you don't feel like buying a new OS. Also it's a handy tool to have if you do much IT work.

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