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Favorite iPhone Apps?

Guest tara

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I'm so mad I didn't get to be the first poster in the new Apple section! I just (((LOVE))) my iphone!!!


Anyway, just wanted to get a post going talking about everyone's favorite iPhone apps?


Here's my favorite!



General Apps

TWC - The Weather Channel is really the best weather app i've found. Anyone else have one they like? - Free

Lose it! - Like any woman... I like to keep close tabs on diet. I really love this app! - Free

AroundMe - I use this everyday. Great for finding things! - Free

Wikipanion - Love it - Free

iDicto - Recording app. I got it when it was free. It's handy. Anyone else have a favorite?

Shazam - Of course! - Free



FlightControl - I paid .99 cents for it and I absolutely LOVE it!

Ocarina - This is that flute app. I think it's move novelty as I was never able to get the hand of it. .99 cents

MazeFinger - I love this game. It's simple and my kids play it ALL the time. - Free

I Say Free - Another good game. Just like Simon Says.


What games do you have out there? Please post your favorite's. I personally love AroundMe and FlightControl. Those are probably my MUST HAVE.

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Some very nice choices. I'm a bit of an iPhone dowload maniac... always looking for the next best thing. ;)


Thanks for the FYI on WikiPanion. I did install it, I just never use it. I have a rule, if I download it and dont use it 1x a week, I nuke it....


I read an article on my iPhone VIA USA TODAY App... (how ironic) that there are more than 20,000 apps in the store now. That's just NUTS


Anyway, here's my list of Favorites:


General Apps (in order of love)

Google Maps - This is my #1 app I use it 100+ times a day to find places and me...

Recorder - It's like iDicto in that it records speech and you can email or grab it via wifi. Love to use it to record my kids. :)

Units - Every geek should have Units. It's an AMAZING app that converts ANYTHING - FREE

TWC (Weather Channel) - I agree this is the best out there. I love the maps, forecasts etc... Great App - FREE

USA TODAY - Other than LifeHacker and Tech Crunch, this is the 3rd place I go when I have a spare moment - FREE

Klick - Nice flickr App - FREE

AroundMe - Yeah, I have it BUT, I have to say I use Google Maps a lot more.... - FREE

UrbanSpoon - Restaurant APP. I use it when I travel (again, I use google maps even more)

WhiteNoise - Great app. Plays all different noises! - FREE

Showtimes - Good Movie App. - FREE

Shazam - Music Detective - FREE




FlightControl - Air traffic controller game. #1 Favorite game (this week) - .99 cents

Fieldrunners - Really fun game. Just like the free TOWERS Flash game. HOURS of wasted time... :) $2.99

PhoneSaber (the original) - FREE

AquaForest - Based on the Famous OE-CAKE Physics App. Very Fun game!

FallingBalls - Simple game. Fun for the kids

DizzyBeeFree - My Son loves this game - FREE

CrazyMouth - Hours of silly fun..... :) - FREE


So there's my list! Anyone out there try Oregon Trail? It's a new App this week and I "ALMOST" bought it......

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Never heard of UNITS. Sounds exactly what I needed yesterday. Thanks for the FYI!


So... looks like a number of us are in love with FlightControl (however fieldrunners is my favorite). What kind of scores have you guys got? I can't get higher than 58!!!!


Other than that, call me a minimalist, but I probably have just 5 or 6 all of which have already been mentioned. I do like TWC btw. nice free app

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