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Disabling SATA

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Disable SATA??? :?:

What does that mean? What difference do that make...?


Hey Guys,

I'm very bad in computer hardwares and bios settings and things like that.

Recently i had a 0x0000007B error blue screen when i was trying to install Win Xp.

I was suggested to Disable Sata in bios.

I changed the mode of Sata to acceptable (some thing like that. I'm sorry, i dont remember exactly) and I could install Xp.

After that i was very curious to know what i really did and what has really happened.

Could anyone please explain that to me..


Thanks and Regards

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SATA is just another classification of Hard Drive HW like SCSI. It's a newer type of controller / bus for hard drives today. My guess is the Motherboard setting did not match the hard drive which is why you were having problems.


Another possibility is that you didn't have the right SATA driver with your new install of windows XP. With some of the older OS's like XP you will need a SATA driver for XP to identify the drive and install it (Press F6 during initial XP Boot up).


Some motherboards to an SATA/IDE emulation to get older drives to try and talk SATA. It doesn't work very well which is why it's best to just disable SATA on the motherboard and let it go standard IDE (for non-vista OS's).

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Hello Vadim,


Thanks a lot for your reply.

I was really about this topic but now i believe i got some idea about it.

I think the second case you have explined may be the reason why the installation failed in my laptop.


Thank you once again. :)

I appreciate your response.

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