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  1. My Asus P52F laptop does not boot unless i press F1 There are no prompts to tell me what to do, so I press the function buttons, going back from F12 to F1, now if I just press F1 it loads up windows (seemingly okay) and I can get into the BIOS (not sure how exactly but it's a function key THEN holding down F1). I have tried multiple solutions, and as far as I know, things seem to be pointing towards CMOS or the BIOS So, i flashed my bios with latest bios version and when i restarted it booted normally with out pressing F1. But when i shutdown and boot again, it gives me the blinking
  2. Dear Groove, I'm detailing my issue here: Issue: Multiple copies and duplex cannot be print from my profile. Though the features work fine in Administrator account. Operating System : Windows 7 - 64 bit Tried : Reinstalling the driver, couldn't find mopier mode option for this printer. If anyone have faced a similar problem or know the solution for this, please help. Thanks Helpjas
  3. Hai Groove, Microsoft Word 2007 checks for the grammar properly but does not check the spelling (ENGLISH). Once i got a message like "Cannot find proofing tools for German (Germany). If you have the proofing...." I'm only using Arabic and English (default) on my PC. The keyboard is also supporting only Arabic/English. Yet, i installed German proofing tool and restarted he PC, the problem is still there. Could you please help me to debug my issue. Thanks, Jas
  4. Start your computer in safe mode Enable built-in administrator account a. Open a command prompt in administrator mode. Go to Start and type cmd. b. Right-Click on cmd and select “Run as administrator”. c. Now type the following command and press enter in the command prompt window. net user administrator /active:yes You should see a message that the command completed successfully. d. Restart the computer and boot the computer normally. You’ll now see the Administrator account as a choice in the welcome screen. e. To disable the account, type the following command in elev
  5. That option is looking for other backup files.
  6. I have Backed up my files using Backup and Restore utility in Windows 7. Now when i try to Restore it, there is no option for it
  7. Hey, I have a Macbook pro on which i have only Windows XP . I want to install OS X10.5 on it and by no means i can boot the machine from DVD. I have tried the this below, 1. To boot on Safe mode - dint work 2. To boot in Single user mode - dint work 3. Tried to open Firmware command-option-O-F - dint work 4. Tried to boot from DVD using 'C' -Dint work 5. Clicked 'options' button on boot, it will show, windows partition and CD but when i click on CD it will get stuck Is there anyway, i can boot from Mac OS x 10.5 DVD and install it on this machine? Thanks.
  8. No, i dint try with OpenOffice. I will try that too. I have downloaded 2 copies of the font from 2 different sites. Both doesnot seems to be working. So, i doubt, its not a problem with the font. Thanks for your reply.
  9. I have downloaded a Font named MCS_SKY and installed it in my Windows/Fonts. But when i select it from Microsoft word its making no change. I tried it on Office - 2003, 2007, 2010(Beta). In 2003 and 2007 it is making no difference to the earlier font selected. In 2010 it is giving blocks instead of letters. Can anyone help me with this. I'm attaching the font also so that you guys can try by yourself Thank you... mcs_sky.zip
  10. Yup, It is a free one. We use it upon personal choice not a University software. http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/combofi ... e-combofix
  11. Have you guys tried Combofix...? It's really good in removing Malwares.
  12. Hey Rufio, I had this issue once. Mine was since the Ram was loosely connected. When i pressed it and switched on the PC, it was booting fine. As shockersh told, you can identify the issue from the number of beeps. You can give a search for "beep codes" in the internet. You will get a chart which maps the type of beep and the cause of it. Good luck..
  13. Hey guys thanks for your replies. Animis : I'm sorry , I couldn't find the option you suggested. "1. Tools > Options > Mail Format > Internet Format 2. Click Restore Defaults" So i dint try that. Groove: As you said i talked to my friend and this is her reply "I send it through web mail.. As in I don't use Outlook. Since we are in the embassy, we are given a secure password to access the company network. So we login to the network through internet and the applications are available in the web page. I'm not very sure how this thing works... But from what i read in the po
  14. Hey Vadim, Thank you for your response. My outlook is set to HTML mode. I'm attaching the screenshots of the full view of the email. Here also you can see the when i double click the email i get the first screenshot (cid3), with the attachment as a folder. When i click on the folder it gives me the second screenshot (cid4). cheers!!
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