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Snagit Having Problems When Pasting Images

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I use Snagit a lot. And it works great all the time. But since this afternoon, when I past a picture into Snagit, Im not able to do something with it. Everytime I select a tool, like drawing a square, it will move the picture after I have selected the tool. So, this is what happening (and I did try to make list with bullets but for some reason, bullets screw up the complete post. So, no bullets. Sorry.)

I open Snagit Editor.

I past a screenshot that I made from my phone.

I click the "make-a-red-square-with-rounded-corners-tool"

I move my mouse a few inches to the starting point.

I click my left mousebutton to start making a red square with rounded courners.

I hold the left mousebutton and drag it a few inches.

The WHOLE picture moves along. Without the square.

And I have no idea what Im doing wrong.

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THank you for your answer. I allready got in contact with @Snagit and they provided me the answer, you were faster in posting it ;-)

*"@Beyond_Life If you're on Snagit PC, try holding down Alt key when drawing on top of an image. Or right-click & flatten image before drawing"

"@Beyond_Life it's sort of by design...Snagit switches to "move" tool when you click on a layered image. Not the most intuitive thing IMO tho"*

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