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PS3 .mkv conversion to streamable format

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Hey guys

Got another one for ya, I'm running a PS3 and a local media server. The problem is I have a lot of MkV files that wont stream, or sometimes if they do I will get an error message saying the format is corrupt. My other .avi and mpeg2 files play fine. Is there anyway to make a PS3 play mkv or is there a native PS3 media format I can convert it to without losing quality?

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What software is your media server running? As far as I know there

aren't any media server platforms that can stream a .mkv file to a

PS3. The codec process would require an extremely fast hdd/CPU even if it could.


An option that is open to you though is to download a mkv converter. The native playback format for PS3 is .vob so you just need to convert to that, it really depends on what track version your audio and video are formatted for within the .mkv file. There are some that you won't be able to convert to .vob, in this case you will be better off using mpeg2 or m2ts (which the PS3 will think is a mpeg2)


edit: Okay just got home, here are the links for the converters.



http://www.mkv2vob.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=10 for converting a .mkv to .vob


http://www.smlabs.net/tsmuxer_en.html for converting a .mkv to .m2ts


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I used to pull down MKV's from the newsgroups and convert them so I could watch them on my Tivo in AVI format. That was a long time ago BUT, the best converter anywhere is FFMPEG.


It will basically convert anything. It's command line based so no GUI but it's easy to use and there are a lot of HOW-TO articles all over the net for it. I think Lifehacker talks about it frequently.


Hope that helps.

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Guest Joseph

What is MKV video anyway? Is it a new native format for something?? Not sure why anyone uses it over the typical video formats used by PS3 and XBOX or MP4 etc....??

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An MKV file is a Matroska file. Matroska is an open source container format. It is an alternative to the popular AVI and MP4 formats and it also surpasses them in many areas.


Usually, MKV file has a better quality.


Good info to know. I've personally never created an MKV file but I guess if I do, I'll know :)

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Guest dapengfei

you can try Pavtube MKV Converter,

it converts MKV movies for portable devices and more.and it

has fast speed, high quality, and perfect audio and video synchronization.

you can goto their site to download to try

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Guest oposky2006
Cool that worked, thanks guys.


It sure would be nice of Sony would just let me install codecs or a media player though. Although their built in one is pretty dang cool.


good, i will have a try too

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I didn't realize this at first but if you are using Windows 7 Media Center or Tversity to stream a vob to your PS3 then you can save the file directly to your PS3.


I did this with a blu-ray version of Wall-E and now I have the actual movie saved to the Playstation 3 hard disks.

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Guest Quafe24
Serious? You can stream to your PS3 using Windows 7?


I can confirm this, it's sweet!!!! I'm considering purchasing the HDD upgrade for the PS3 so I can stick in a 1 TB. I'm already close to filling up my 80 GB one with blu-ray movies. It's way cheaper to purchase blu-rays through digital distribution than to go through the whole "in-store" experience.

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