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How To Flush The DNS Cache In Windows 7

Guest Babs

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If I'm interpreting this process correctly, the "flushing" procedure clears up any old data that might be associated with your IP address? The reason I'm asking is because, for some strange and unfathomable reason, I keep getting knocked off my server due to password discrepancies. And always (as everyone does), I have to go through the ranks of first tier support before being transferred to second level techs....a long and tedious process of explanations which first tier support is not authorized to handle. It's only second tier technicians who've got the authority to bypass Yahoo's ban on repetitive attempts at changing passwords (even by AT&T techs).


At any rate, I did as you suggested and flushed the DNS data. I'm just hoping that it might be a cure-all for the password problems I've been experiencing with AT&T. Thinking this issue was a peculiar problem unique to me, I was quickly disabused of that notion by the technician who finally got me straightened away yesterday. It appears this password thingie happens to be an issue that crops up quite frequently with their other customers.


So, in essence, what I'm trying to find out is....do you think keeping on top of flushing the DNS might keep me a step ahead in the process of keeping my password static (which, of course, it's meant to be, anyway)?


Thanks for your answer!


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hey babs - what service are you using with at&t that you keep having problems with? Unfortunately flushing your DNS is not really going to help out in that regards.


Flushing your DNS cache is something you really only need to do once every year if that. I say that because only geeks normally need to do it after they make changes to DNS servers etc... You see, DNS is nothing more than a modern phone book.


An IP address is the "phone number" assigned to all websites on the internet. The DNS name is the mapping to that "IP Address". For instance, the IP address for Yahoo.com is Instead of typing the IP address into your web browser, you just need to type in yahoo.com. Your computer then does a DNS lookup, finds the IP address then sends your browser to that server on the IP address (or phone number). Make sense?


It's all automatic, almost instant and definitely nothing associated with passwords on your at&t account. :( sorry

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Yes, thanks! Gotcha, Shockersh....your explanation makes perfect sense to me. I suppose there's really nothing to be done about this "high speed DSL" AT&T password hiccup thingie going on. The password glitch began happening last year and seems to happen fairly regularly at three-month intervals (give or take). The last tech I spoke with said it's not really an AT&T issue but Yahoo's complex configuration of member passwords conflicting with their AT&T provider passwords...seems like a flimsy excuse to me but we are talking about Yahoo here so, I suppose, anything's possible. :)


Hi there.....Beyond_Life!


I use CCleaner at least once a day....and Speecy and Defraggler. Piriform products have been in my utility arsenal for many years now. What I'm looking for now is a really good memory reclaiming software that works well with Win 7 so I don't have to Restart so often. I work in graphics and my graphics card just doesn't have sufficient memory of its own.


Thanks all around....I appreciate the help! :)


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I don't think I quite understand what the issue is here... I mean I understand there is a problem with server connection and password but I don't get it.


AT&T is your DSL provider, and your connecting to a Yahoo server? Is this a FTP or VPN, etc...

Then the reason your are getting disconnected, it's a password reset? Your password is randomly changing? I'm a little confused here. Is it a PPPOE password/username issue? Because that would be router related.

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