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should I install 64 bit window7

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recently, I am thinking should I install 64bit or 32bit window7, as the price of ram is getting down and lower, so if I use 64bit window, what should I pay attension to? I usually use the pc to play game and do homework.

I prefer my PC have no problem of compatibility and stable, just like 32bit window7

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First you have to make sure you system can handle x64 win7. You could start here. The guys from Techspot made a goode article. http://www.techspot.com/guides/177-wind ... bit-64bit/


And ofcourse you could go to the site from Microsoft. http://www.microsoft.com/windows/compat ... fault.aspx


But first of all you need to make sure your processor can work with x64. If it cant, you have to stick to x86 (32). And if you are sure your system can handle x64, then go for x64. I am atm. And it rocks. More and more programmes are being made so they can take fully advantage of the x64 system. Im running it with 64 gigs atm, and it works like sunshine on my Toshiba laptop.

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I agree with Beyond-Life, x64 is pretty much compatible with everything these days. Back in the day you had a lot of problems with network drivers and other hardware components. Now however, everything is x64.


First you have to make sure you system can handle x64 win7.


EXACTLY! If your CPU can handle 64-bit - GO GO GO !

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how about update issue? and I haven't use any 64bit win os , so would I encounter any problem when I install on-market PC game and play it? did most on market software or freeware that fit 32bit also fit 64bit? that I usually use some or download 32bit freeware from net...... of course, I have no component issue, like CPU.

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You can install 32 software on a 64 machine. No problem there. But you cant install 64 software on a 32 machine. That just wont work.


If you install 32 software on a 64 machine, you will get a extra Programs folder called "Programs Files (x86)" or something like that. The rest of the 64 software wil be installed in the normal "Programs Files" folder.

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