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    What Games Do You Play Right Now?

    I Play Darksiders,GTA4 EFLC- The Balad Of G"y Tony,DEAD RISING 2,Modern Warfare 2 MP,CounterStrike-Source And PANZERS - Phase1 Have Fun if Your Gonna Try Them
  2. Kumanina


    Or Just back up your Computer Before You have got the "virus"or File If You Remember Of course When is that. Or Get A better Antivirus........NOD32,Avast,Norton thats Your Choice for Technology :D
  3. Kumanina

    should I install 64 bit window7

    Well if Your Computer is a 64xBit Suportable Machine you Can Put but Don't Put a 64xBit on a 32xBit Computer. Your Gonna Have Problems Or the Oposite On A 64xbit Computer to Put a 34xBit Windows [DONT] Ok?
  4. Kumanina

    Changing Windows 7 User Name

    Ok....Um Click on the Start Menu Then Type in the Search Box Change Your Account Name Then type Any name that You want in the box.Notice:One Restart Wont Hurt Anyone Sow You can be sure That The Account name Is Changed!!!!!Have Fun!
  5. Kumanina

    What Virtual CD Drives work with Windows 7

    Pick up your Iso's And Fight :D :D
  6. Kumanina

    LOL! It's my birtnday today!

    For the people who don't know Bulgarian that Means.......Are u Laing??????/
  7. Kumanina

    LOL! It's my birtnday today!

    Ama Da Ne laje6
  8. Kumanina

    Delta Airlines flight to new york sucked

    Much food....My Grand parents got A first class ticket to London......(it was A two way ticket)On the way,Ok They gave them food And Something to drink.But on the way back after five days on the plane My grandma Asks for food or something to drink but the Flight utendent Told her that the ticket didn't have lunch for return And the utendent also told her if they want to eat they have to pay from 40-50 Dollars Sow they can eat I don't know but its very unfair and hats gonna happen if a pregment woman is gonna make birth to a child in the plane.......they will tell her to give money so she can give birth right to the kid!Bulgaria ..........The coolest Place to be NoT Sow im telling you don't fly to Bulgaria until its urgent!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Kumanina

    Spore Origins - iPhone/iTouch game - $1

    I have to tell you i hate iTouch Games but this game made me Love them
  10. Kumanina

    Groovy Windows 7 Backgrounds

    And here are some more
  11. Kumanina

    Safe remove hardware notice

    Yep same here i think that you should check!!!
  12. Kumanina

    Looking for a good RPG out there. suggestions?

    I think you should try Mafia 2 its new and Cool.
  13. Well i think that Ebay is good and safe but sometimes you don't find what your looking for.
  14. Kumanina

    Button Firefox

    Yo know its best you Change the browser to Google Chrome or Opera?!?
  15. Kumanina

    How safe is Chrome? & other browsers

    it is a great one.
  16. Kumanina

    New Topic - Mobile

    I agree its gonna bee good!
  17. Kumanina

    Starcraft II - It's About Damn Time!

    What is C&C????
  18. Kumanina

    Samsung Galaxy S - US Release Date

    Well i have to tell you the Samsung Wave is not that bad its the same as the Galaxy but is with the new operating system Bada OS.A OS Created From Samsung and I think that it's perfect and it better than the Galaxy but no ofence it Good Two it Haves GOOGLE WHOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D
  19. Kumanina

    A simple and effective anti-virus

    Hi there MR.GROOVE I think that NOD 32 is very simple and Effective Anti virus and Spy ware program it for everyone but I Agree about MSE its the same as NOD 32 does the same job and stuff like that:)
  20. Kumanina

    What antivirus for windows xp?

    Id Say NOD 32 or AVG
  21. Kumanina

    Starcraft II - It's About Damn Time!

    Yep the game is super I Killed it in 3 Days (rewind) it was sow easy the last level was the hardest i was one off the first men in the world to rewind it for 3 DAYS!!!And DW96 didn't rewind it cause hes not in gaming!What ever the game is epic it good to be played and helps you with your strategy?!?
  22. Kumanina

    Windows 7 Beta

    It was Stable until the newest update for the beta it gets bugged up.you Cant Activate it
  23. Kumanina

    Wierd WiFi problem.

    Um Wait The picture that your Showing up there Looks Like from Windows 95 and as I thin that this is the windows 7 category sow That may be the problem if your with win 95 the new network's are not the same as before.They have something new and for win 95 thats a Problem.Sow try it with Win 7
  24. Kumanina

    Windows 7 and Dell D600 laptop

    You have no sound Cause your Computer drivers are too old.Windows Find new drivers and istall them but not old.Find your Laptops Drivers on internet.If you dont Know them go to Start menu Right Click on Computer,Properties And then A window Pops out with the Windows Experience index of your Computer Click on it. And A window is gonna Pop Out.There you Look Something that sounds Like a Audio Card And You Should be done
  25. Kumanina

    problems with User Acct Control changes

    The upper post on dw96 should work but if it does not,too bad.