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Best Desktop computer manufacturer?

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Okay, so my cousin is heading off to college and he needs to get a new computer for school. NO VIDEO GAMES! Just school, but he is in an IT program for some advanced programming stuff, so he does need a computer that is packing some serious power.


I've heard a lot of flack about HP and Dell, are there any other desktop manufacturers that are worth taking a look at? Or would I be better off with a pieced together pre-built from newegg or tiredirect when I can catch a deal for those.

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Why not go for a top end laptop like the Toshiba 555-10t? Mobile but at the same time strong.


That is a great choice, but looking for something cheaper. Aren't desktops usually less expensive than comparable laptops?


I got an extra monitor laying around so I figure that will shave off a few dollars from the price as well.

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Desktops are going to be cheaper for what you get usually. Laptops though have come way down in price compared to what most people remember them to cost. You can get some decent laptops for around $550 - $700, and they'll have just about everything you need. However, if you're looking to do anything graphic intensive, like games, 3D rendering and to some extent even Photoshop - then most of the time these less expensive laptops aren't going to handle this very well. What really seems to add a lot of cost to laptops is a graphics card with a chip usually from nVida or ATI - so not just integrated graphics.


For most computer users integrated graphics is totally fine, but be sure you know what you're planning on using the computer for before you spring for one of these laptops.

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