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  1. I don't know if that's possible, I'll admit that I don't have a Cannon 220 so I can't test that out, but I think it might not alter it in the properties so that it doesn't change the quality? But on Windows you can view all of your photos in thumbnail view then hold down SHIFT and click to select multiple photos. Then you can right click and rotate all of them at the same time.... maybe that will help? If not, sorry
  2. This pulls from your contacts and also it remembers your previous entries. So if you haven't imported your contacts yet, I'd do that, because this is the fastest way to get them working again. Otherwise you'll have to type them in manually at least once.
  3. Yes sadly I don't think the app is powerful enough to create a full post complete with images or other media in an easy way without cleaning it up with your desktop before publishing. I think right now it's okay for editing basic text related things in existing posts, or for getting your post ideas roughly drafted and put onto your WP site for later editing.
  4. As was said, It's not Android that's charging for tethering, it's the carriers. But with Android there's a pretty easy work around, nowhere near jailbreaking, especially because my warranty is still fully intact. To tether most people are using the PDAnet app. It's free as long as you're not using it on a secure site (https). If you want a non restricted version it's a one time $23 fee, but still way cheaper than anything else I've seen. Sprint has already said they won't block any apps because they feel that's wrong, so I know I'm in the clear.
  5. I have the HTC Evo 4G and I have basically nothing bad to say about it. Android v2.2 is awesome of course, and I like HTC's Sense UI. The benefits have already pretty much been stated, everything that Beyond_Life and groovyDexter have said about Android I'd agree with.
  6. I use to have that exact router and that exact problem. Thinking back I know I did the firmware upgrades and messed around with it for a long time. We basically ended up just being wired in all the time because it was too unreliable. The sad part is that router wasn't a cheapo one at the time either. We ended up finally switched to Netgear, but this one has it's issues as well. I recently had a lengthy talk with one of the network programmers on the Windows team at Microsoft, the basic outcome was that the hardware on these routers are usually pretty good, esp. the top brands, but the iss
  7. Agreed, nVidia all the way. I've used both, nVidia is the winner in my book. Regarding the comment MrGroove said about it being close to a debate between Intel and AMD it's totally true, the funny thing is that I use to see a ton of AMD users in love with ATI (now they've merged) and all the Intel fans in love with nVidia... pretty funny.
  8. I second Amazon and Newegg. But when I want a good side by side comparison I like Pricegrabber.com, I always make sure the store I buy from on there has a slew of positive reviews.
  9. Desktops are going to be cheaper for what you get usually. Laptops though have come way down in price compared to what most people remember them to cost. You can get some decent laptops for around $550 - $700, and they'll have just about everything you need. However, if you're looking to do anything graphic intensive, like games, 3D rendering and to some extent even Photoshop - then most of the time these less expensive laptops aren't going to handle this very well. What really seems to add a lot of cost to laptops is a graphics card with a chip usually from nVida or ATI - so not just integra
  10. Honestly I love the Evo 4G. I haven't had any issues with it. The 4G is really nice, I don't keep the antenna on all the time because I'm not surfing the web constantly, but when I want to surf around or watch videos it's really nice. I average about 2.5 - 3mbps down and around 700kbps up, so it's pretty fast - see screenshot below, I'm in Seattle, WA and this is from a TX server. I haven't actually used the hotspot feature because it's an extra $30/mo. However you can use the hotspot on demand I just found out, which is awesome. So if you're in a situation where you need to use a hotspot
  11. Not sure exactly what the issues is here, but if you're locked out of your computer and cannot get into it, there are methods of obtaining the data without having to login through Windows. Obviously you need to be the owner of the computer and of the actual data. I've done this before using a Linux OS called Knoppix and boots from a CD. Let me just say it wasn't exactly a walk in the park getting the files needed, so I wouldn't attempt this if you're not sure what you're doing, or aren't at least moderately tech savvy. If you're not sure what to do, you can usually hire someone to do thi
  12. I agree... not to mention I HAVE the Evo 4G. It's everything I wanted it to be and more. Been with Sprint for 6 years, they've (as everyone knows) had ups and downs. But right now Sprint is the best it's been since I joined with them, and it's only been getting better esp. in the past year.
  13. I just purchased a SyncMaster B2430, I've found it to be pretty groovy so far. Only issue is Samsung needs to seriously reconsider their stand. It's... lacking. Kind of wobbly and the tilt doesn't seem to like tilting backwards, but as far as the picture quality goes, it's awesome. Although it did take me about 2 hours of on and off tweaking of the settings to get it where I wanted it - since then, zero issues. I also have an HP w2207h which has a stand like almost no other. It can also rotate 90° which proves to be really helpful as a web developer. As far as the P2370, I think it'l
  14. I know this post is a bit old, but I wanted to open it back up a little, because obviously hosting is one of the most important aspects of your website. MediaTemple has been around for quite a while, and they've got some great packages. I've been using them for myself and have recommended them for some of my clients over the years. The first question is cost, they do typically cost slightly more than your average host. For example their Grid Server (gs) is $20/mo, for what you get it's not too bad considering the whole grid system is pretty new and in a lot of ways super groovy . If you'
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