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I wanted to get wifi password of my office


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    • Guest grndnl
      By Guest grndnl
      Hello, I recently rooted my phone, and one of the reasons for this was to get free wifi tethering on my Samsung Captivate from AT&T. Unfortunately, all of the blogs that I scavenged send me to apps that are no longer working, they just do not exist. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.GrnDnl
    • By Hassel
      A couple of years ago I disabled wireless on a HP pavilion using XP, by turning a 1 into a 0 in the registry. I can't remember how to undo that. Please help.
    • By Skystar
      My PC is not reachable on local LAN (workgroup) after changing computer name, i then renamed back to the original name, still not reachable.
      I tried to ping everybody and it is successful, but other can't ping me or access my shared folders.
      What do you suggest in that case?
    • By nasim
      I am using a wireless connection. One evening I switched on my Laptop. Modem is on and working properly. But my wireless icon on Taskbar is not connected and it is showing “Not connected – No connections are available” But modem connections are available. My all friends are using wired connection through same broadband modem. Please tell me how to resolve this matter and get wireless connected. Thanks.
    • By chaitanya
      I think you may have idea what this Virtual Router does. In brief it is a software which creates an wireless network in system.
      When I enter information in the window and press start routing it displays "Virtual Router could not be started". If you have solution please tell me or tell me any other tool which can be used instead of this.
      Im using this tool for ""Create Wifi connection in Laptop to use internet in Xperia S""
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