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  1. I am using a wireless connection. One evening I switched on my Laptop. Modem is on and working properly. But my wireless icon on Taskbar is not connected and it is showing “Not connected – No connections are available” But modem connections are available. My all friends are using wired connection through same broadband modem. Please tell me how to resolve this matter and get wireless connected. Thanks.
  2. By mistake I have blocked the installation of Software from Adobe System Incorporated. It is showing message “ This publisher has been blocked from running software on your machine ” when I try to install Adobe software. Now I want to unblock the Adobe Publisher enabling me to install their software. I tried many options but all efforts are vein. Please help me to resolve this matter. I would be much grateful to you.
  3. I have purchased Toshiba Laptop. Everything is good except sound function. I want to make my laptop sound louder. I have already tried all sound related options which I have knowledge. Please help me to make laptop sound louder.
  4. I have three avi video files. Sizes are 58.8 MB, 77.8 MB & 280 MB. Total sizes are 416.6 MB. When I selected these files to burn into one CD through Nero Start Smart Essential software, File sizes are showing 1510 MB which is not able to come into one CD - R. Can you help me why the file sizes are showing bigger than actual ? Awaiting your co-operation. Thanks.
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