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Unable to open attachments in MS Outlook...

Guest Mughis

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Guest Mughis



Stuck in a situation could not find a clue whats happening. We have around 40 users in a domain using Outlook / Exchange with Windows XP on most clients. Some of our users unable to open any attachment in Microsoft Outlook 2002/XP. They can open these files through Outlook Web Access.


Can see attached files within email showing file format e.g. .doc file shows with MS Word icon. When clicking on an attachment nothing happens, no error, no activity, nothing. Cannot Save As / Copy these attachements, as nothing happens when try to do so as well.


Most of them are new users, recreated Outlook profile, tried loging on to a different PC, no GO. Other users logging on the same PC are OK. No security settings blocking these attachments...


The only thing which I can think of now to recreate user profile on domain and test this. But this is last thing I want to do.


Looking for a Rescue.....


Thanks in advance.



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Dude that is just wrong. Sorry man!


You've already done everything I would have already tried with one exception. Try blowing away the local profile on the PC and when the user logs it it will recreate it then test it. How about then? Granted, since they went to another PC and it still didn't work, that essentially is a NEW profile so it should have worked.


Other things to think about:


1 - Is your Office Install running the latest Updates and patches? Office 2002/XP is pretty old but I'm sure you can still get the updates off. Try this link: url=[http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/downloads/FX101321101033.aspx?pid=CL100570421033[Office Udpate[/url] to run the Microsoft Office Update Tool. You will see the Update Icon on the TOP RIGHT CORNER of the screen. You should make sure Outlook and Word are fully updated.


2 - What version of Exchange are you running? Is it also updated to the latest patches and hotfixes?


3 - Is there any GPO's implemented in your AD Environment which might be causing ODD attachment behavior. It should be easy to test. Just look at the GPO's and disable anything related to MS Office or Outlook for testing.


4 - Are the users Local Admins on the PC? Perhaps they don't have the rights to WRITE the files to the local hard drive which is why they cant download or open the attachment?


5 - What are you seeing in yoru Event Logs on the PC? Anything? Take a look in the Application Log and the System log to see if there are any errors popping up on the client machine. Also take a look at the Exchange Server. It's important to look there also to see if there's anything happening.



That's all I can think of. Sorry man!


Perhaps MrGroove has a few ideas...?

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