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Partitioning Drive in Windows 7

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I am facing a problem....I have only one drive on my laptop and i want to partition it and create a new one. If i use the Disk Management to create a new partition from the existing one, it will effect my windows installation? or should i just reformat my computer and create 2 partitions.

Tell me an easy solution to this problem as i dont want to format my pc as i have too much data in it and copying it would be a pain.


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I needed to repartition my mom's hard drive as her laptop was delivered with some funky space allotment. I used Partition Wizard- free and easy. Once I figured out that you need to move the partition from the left, not the right (counterintuitive to what you might think). I had no problems with data loss whatsoever but I would recommend backing up first.

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Here's a simple way to do it directly with Disk Management:

1) Open the Start Menu, type in "disk partitions" (without the brackets)
2) Click on the first option (should be "Create and format disk partitions")
3) Right click on the drive volume and pick "Shrink Volume":
alt text

4) In the "Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB", enter the size (in MB) which you'd like your new drive to be :
alt text

5) Now click "Shrink"6) After the process is completed, you should see a black volume saying "Unallocated"
7) Right click on "Unallocated" and select "New Simple Volume"
8) Go through the wizard and choose the Size, Drive Letter and Volume Label:
alt text

9) If you did everything correctly, your new drive should be up and ready:
alt text

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