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Everything is filed under old owner's name

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Groovy,My kid borrowed my HP Pavilion with Windows 10, named the computer, added his name as owner and administrator. Now I have it back but every document I file has the path:

C:\Users\Kids_Name\Documents\filename.ext ("Kids_Name" used to protect the innocent)

Question: How can I unlock and rename the master file called C:\Users\Kids_Name where all documents are stored? The file "Kids_Name" is locked and I can't find a way to unlock it to change the file name to my name. I've changed users and named me as the administrator. I can't move files out of "Kids_Name" nor can I delete, nor can I rename it to "Dads_Name" because it's locked.

Seems like this should be simple but it sure has me stumped!


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Hi "Dads_Name"

What I would do is Create a new username in Windows then copy all the files from that old profile into your new profile. Problem solved. I say this because renaming a user can cause problems because the path is already set and it won't be easy.

Here is a how to - http://www.groovypost.com/howto/microsoft/create-a-new-user-account-in-windows-7/

Make sure to make the new user Administrator. Do you know how to do that?

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