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main.exe spyware????


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I was checking processes in my task master and googled it. The above link was found when I googled main.exe. They claim that this is a malicious spy-ware and that I should remove it.

I use McAfee and Super Antispyware. So far been lucky and no viruses ect. I am just interested to speed up my machine and to get rid of processes and applications that is not needed. A bit worried now about this main.exe. Any advice please will be appreciated. :roll::?:

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Dude that just STINKS of spyware/trojan.


Where is it located? Did you see it in process manager? How did you know it was there?


Here's a few links:





My advice, just rename the file and see what/if anything breaks. This is windows remember so worst case you can always nuke it and reinstall anything that breaks. no harm no foul.

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Guest Joseph

You can also use SYS internals and use process explorer to track down the process and that .exe that is driving it. That being said, just move or rename the file and see what breaks.

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That is very very likely spyware. I pulled up info and it shows Adware.2search and spycop software. And no positive results for harmless applications, doesn't look good. You'll need to try erasing it along with the startup registry entries and any harmful dlls it might have thrown into windows\system32.

Call me paranoid but it would also be a good idea to figure out what date the file was created and then do a search (include system and hidden files) do a search for files that were created or modified also on that date. Check if there were any other peculiar/suspicious items on your system that day. If there were it'd be good to invesigate those as well.

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