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Windows 2003 Advance server help

Guest iignis

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heloo everyone

well i have one question regarding remotely install windows xp i have tried to setup an windows 2003 advance server for installing windows xp from network but i fail i referred to manual i found online but it was tough to understand and the instruction was not so clear so please can u give me an instruction.


I have windows 2003 advance server cd, now let me tell u my network map..


i have one server of windows 2000 professional with 2 lancard so .. frm other lan card i share my connection to switch and i have total . 60 user depended on 1 server. I have line of 1mpbs sify .. and all other machines are in workgroup not on domain server. When i installed windows server there was an confusion regarding domain server and to bring other machine on that domain .. please give an good instruction..




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Hello Ignis & Welcome to the site!


I'm not following your exact question 100% so let me see if I can paraphrase what your trying to do.


1) You have a remote office which is running a Windows 2000 Professional Workstation. The workstation is acting as a server for 60 users in this remote office.


2) The remote users are all setup in a workgroup and not configured in a windows domain in any way.


3) I assume the majority of the users are running windows xp


4) You have installed a new server running Windows Serer 2003 Enterprise at the office.


Ok, with that outlined, what is your question?


I think your question is:


5) You have completed the install of Windows Server 2003 in the office and wish to configure it to act as a Windows Domain (Now called Active Directory). Once that's completed you want to join the 60 workstations to this new windows domain.


Is that all correct? Can you clarify?



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yes ur rite all the 60 user have windows xp now i tell you my problem .. very clearly see whenever the system crash of any user in my office i have to open the cabinet and attach cd to format tht pc... so i heard someone saying tht you can install windows remotely from other pc through network but for that you have to install and windows server OS and in tht u have to upload and image of windows xp so whenever you want to format the machine just give the networkpath at the boot process and u can install windows from ur network machine ..so i want an idea how to do that .. i tried installing windows advance server 2000 but i dint succeed , and my network map is like as i told u before i have 1 server having windows 200 professional os with 2 lancard... and from the 2nd lancard i share my connection to switch so all other 60 pc are connect to switch but what i m not getting is that wht is domain name .. and workgroup... currently all machine are on workgroup ... name king... so what are the changes i need to do if i want to setup and domain server.... :)

thanks for your reply and helping me i appreciate ...........

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I'm going to jump in here.... Hope you dont mind.


Personally, I use GHOST to do all my imaging of desktops at work. It works perfect.


Essentially first you build up an image of Windows XP then use GHOST to dump it into a Ghost file.


Install GHOST on an XP box and set it in Network mode. Then get the drivers for the network card on a CD (later versions of GHOST has universal network drivers you can use). Boot XP box with Ghost CD, choose to Image the hard drive and send it back to the Server running Ghost.


Once you have the image, you can just Boot up and desktop with that Ghost CD, select to copy the image down from the server (the image you just created) and tadaa! The streaming starts and you have an easy way to rebuild your desktops.


It's SUPER fast and SUPER easy once you get a copy of GHOST.


I'm using an OLD version but Symantec has been releasing new versions every year. You can get it and read about it here:




Hope that helps!


You then install GHOST on a server (or desktop in my case) and

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Yeah, Ghost is VERY good and simple. That's my recommendation.


You can also use classic tool from Microsoft as well called RIS. For deploying Windows Servers to bear metal, you can use Windows Server 2003 Automated Deployment Services.


Here's a few links:


Microsoft RIS How-To's:

http://labmice.techtarget.com/windowsxp ... attend.htm


Windows Server 2003 Automated Deployment Services

http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2 ... fault.mspx


Hope these help.

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hello srry for replying very late but i saw ur post i agree with your idea thanks for helping me. i started using norton ghost for pc.... anyways old is gold ... thank you once again... have nice time bye.....

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