Google Chrome is really slow on Wordpress Admin Blog

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Odd stuff recently. My Wordpress admin pages are locking up when I'm using Google Chrome. In fact, if I go into the Admin area then try to open Chrome Windows or Tab, the main site will not even load it will just hang. There's nothing I can do but wait it out.


If I open IE or Firefox while Chrome is sitting there timing out / freezing I can access my blog fine with no issues however Chrome is all locked up and frozen.


At first I thought the issue was with my blog and I was like "shootz something is really broken here" however come to find out, it's only happening on Google Chrome.


Btw - this is happening on both my Work PC, Home MAC and Windows PC.


Anyone else having issues? MrGroove?

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It's a private blog (family stuff) so it's not exposed to the internet. It doesn't happen all the time, just from time to time however it's getting really annoying....

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