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anti-virus from server2003

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Hiya & Welcome to the site!


Personally, for all my Server systems I prefer to stay away from all the "free" solutions and go with a commercial product. Most Free AV products are only free for Personal or Non-Profit use anyway.


What your paying for with a Commercial product is REGULAR Signature Updates. By regular I mean Daily if not several times a day. Plus, you will probably only pay ~$50-$100 depending on the Quantity. Not a bad investment in my opinion. Microsoft promises to release AV built-into the OS however were still at least a year away on that.


So, with that in mind your options are fairly broad. Here is the list of products (in order) I would recommend:


If you’re going to install AV on just 1 Windows Server 2003 box:


1) FSecure is a great product. It's a true security firm and their signatures are well respected.

2) McAfee Anti-Virus Enterprise. I would make McAfee my #1 choice if you needed to centrally manage AV across your enterprise. (Their EPO product does a great job with my 5000 devices at work).

3) Trend Micro - Always been a solid player.

4) Symantec Anti-Virus Previously known as Norton AV. It's a grandfather in the space. I'm hesitant to list them in my recommendation being that I got burned by them a few years ago at a large Corp. I worked at. The AV engine had an exploit which was used to attack my enterprise... Not good. I'm sure it's better now. Like McAfee EPO, Symantec AV has a nice Corp. edition which allows you to centrally manage thousands of hosts.


Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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What about Anti-Spyware like Search and Destroy? Anyone use that on Servers? I personally only use it on desktops...


Not on a server.


Also, be sure to keep all your Security Patches from MSFT up to date. What I've found is 50% of the time, my Trend Micro agent will have a signature for the exploits microsoft is patching.


Good advice. I agree.

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i have to install anti-virus of our server2003 but i m not sure which one is better. thanks in advance


We use McAfee VirusScan Enterprise at work on Servers and Symantec on the Desktops. We can't afford EPO but it was a HUGE(can't stress that enough) upgrade over what we used to use - CA Entrust. Wow, talk about a PILE!


Overall, we have very little problems.

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