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Services stopped in Vista

Guest wrogers53

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Guest wrogers53

I'm running Vista on my HP laptop and when I start up the unit I noticed 85% of my services are stopped. I went into Admin.Tools in Control Panel to change them but they won't start manually. I'm currently scanning for Mal ware and or Viruses. So far I've only found one Trojan Agent called (REFBARH.ICO). Any other ideas anyone?


Thanks, Bill

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Hi wrogers and welcome to groovyPost!


Strange problem, but here is something to try.


Open up the start menu and Type in MSCONFIG

Then visit the Services tab and Click "Enable All."

Click OK, and then restart.


If the services were for some reason disabled it is likely because of malware or a registry edit gone wrong.

Maybe Mrgroove has an idea, security is his area of expertise.

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Might also try services.msc and make sure the services are set to start MANUALLY or Automatic.


Just note that a lot of services are set to disabled or manual start on purpose so be careful what you enabled to manual or automatic.


Your not going to hurt anything but you could waste some memory.




So far I've only found one Trojan Agent called (REFBARH.ICO). Any other ideas anyone?

Thanks, Bill


Any Trojan / Virus is "BADDDDD" and your mileage may vary.... Once do you have an AV program installed? Be sure to scan the system fully and hopefully your clean. At work we have a "0" tolerance rule. Once infected, we wipe and reload the system period. You might want to think about that. You never know what was left beind or laying dormant......


Be sure to get a good AV app installed like MSFT's free AV - http://www.groovypost.com/howto/microso ... nti-virus/


Hope that helps

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