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Do you own a NAS?

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Simple question: Do you own a Network attached storage device?


Im the proud owner of a Synology DS-110j. It got a 2 tb disk. And its a single disk device, so no RAID. I can do anything with it, whatever and whereever I want. It has a lot of features you can play with. The ones I use the most are: (txt copied from Syno site)



Photo Station 3 simplifies photo, video, and blog sharing over the Internet. The flexibility of photo theme customization, blog layout arrangement, visitor’s privilege setting, RSS feed, and the dazzling 3-dimentional photo browsing with Cooliris make Photo Station 3 your state-of-the-art lifestyle sharing center on the Internet.



Download Station 2 functions as a 24x7 BitTorrent, FTP, HTTP, eMule, and NZB download center. RapidShare and RSS download are now supported. Im not realy using this one. Because ive installed a package from SABnzbd wich I also can use through my phone.


ITunes Server:

iTunes Server provides an easy way to share music and videos with other iTunes clients within the local network. You can create playlists with songs that match the criteria you specified, and best of all, iTunes will update these playlists automatically as you add or delete songs. The iPhone App DS audio allows Disk Station users to stream music stored on Disk Station with their iPhone/iPod® touch where Internet access is available, while DS photo allows uploading photos from the iPhone/iPod® touch to their Disk Station. Users with a mobile device running on Windows Mobile® 6.0, iPhone OS 2.2.1 onward, or Symbian OS 9.1 can log on their Disk Station to view photos with Mobile Photo Station and read supported file formats with Mobile File Station where Internet access is available. To bad, not to android phones. But Synology is busy making apps for that wooooohoooooo.


Web Station with built-in PHP+MySQL allows users to publish their own websites or install numerous popular open-source programs. Im not using this, but its a great feature.

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Guest poneil

I'm all about EASE OF USE these days. I used to have a garage full of servers for stuff like this. I like your idea of just a simple NAS device. Today I'm using a USB drive hanging off my PC but I think your solution is much more elegant!

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And it looks great too. But dont put it up in your bedroom. You wont sleep. The lights.... VERY bright. Might pull aliens to earth. Damm to led's are bright.


But im kinda regretting that i bought the 110 and not a 210 or 410.


DS stands for DiskStation, the first number stand for the number of bays and the second and third number for the year it was released, 2010 in this case.


THe best past of Synology Nas is that you can hook up a printer or another flashdrive, and you can hook up any usb drive and with one push of a button, back the whole thing up to the nas, no matter how big the usb stick is. And if you see what you have to pay for the number of options you get, im pretty sure you really want it .I love it. But my next one is going to be at least one with 2 or more bays to be able to use RAID in some sort.

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