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Guest Animis

I was trying to decide whether I should get a fancy new droid x, droid incredible, Evo 4g, iPhone 4, or some other phone. Blackberry has the Storm 2 coming out and there are still a lot of others. I didn't even consider the Samsung but it does have an impressive processor.


Here's a chart I found that should help out if you are in the same boat as me. I just wish I didn't have to pay the obligatory (and retarded) $30/ month data plan.


Click the image to enlarge it


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Excuses me? The Samsung Galaxy S has got the best core in that row of phones.... And it has SuperAmoled, 16 gigs of memory on board, Android and the new Touchwiz 3.0. It beats all the phones in that row on any given moment.


Yeah should have made the list.


My problem however..... I bought a crap load of apps for the iPhone and I don't want to start over on the Android OS..... If the app developers would let you buy once like Steam for instance, I think I would make the jump. Otherwise, I'm iPhone bound.

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Yeah well, thats the choice you have to make then. I moved from a SE C905 to a Samsung Galaxy S last week. And in my life, ive never made a better choice with phones then that day. The Galaxy is amazing. That thing can do anything. Wanna play movies from your server? no problem. Wanna acces your usenet interface on your homeserver while being abroad and let it download, unpack repair and rename NO PROBLEM :D Next to that, it has got a freaking nice SuperAmoled screen that shows the smallest details and the screen is captive with just one fisical button. And then the one on the right to turn it on, and one that you van push 2 ways on the left for volume.


I love my samsung. And the best part is, that for everything you have to pay for you can find a free version in the market.


So if you would ask me, go for the Samsung if you can. Its smaller, its lighter, it has complete multitasking, 8 or 16 gigs internal with the option to add up 32 gig via micro sd. The screen is better then that of the Iphone. You can play almost any codec. Watching hd movies is no problem! Its a complete DivX certified phone. only 9.9mm thick! Full hd filming. It can make panorama pics with 8 pics with out touching the button. Just stand and move around. Wifi, bluetoot 3.0, tehering is no problem at all.

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