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I often have to make small accurate technical drawings for my staff in the course of my work. I used Excel for a long time till a friend of mine introduced "Jruler" You have a choice of measuring in Metric, Imperial and Pixels... and it is always available in any window until you exit the program I know there is many advanced programs and i use some of them but for the quick and easy drawing in Word this is the one i found to be the quickest. I uploaded the software here.."http://www.feboshare.com/files/29940/Jruler.zip"i am sure there is no viruses as i scanned the sw before. Putting it in "" just in case some want to check first. :D

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Thanks Carl will take a look.


How long have you been using Feboshare.com? It looks interesting. Never heard of it before.

For some time now. Working in Africa with dial up's and slow speed made one look at alternative ways to get large files across to my partners. Lots of up loaders but a lot of them links you to stupid sites and popups. FS so far had not given me that problem. You guys there will have great benifit as your speed is so fast. :P
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Well.... I've tried everything I can think of and Fedoshare.com just is not working for me here in Seattle. I've tried it from 3 different PC's and locations. each time when I start the upload I get the following error:


ERROR: Failed to find flength file




dont work for me either. Great Gadget tho Carl!

Yes i must admit that i sometimes get the same...i have clicked the help thing and there is this very to geeky explanation for me as to what a flength file is.. i personally think it is on their side..the way i sometimes get it right is two ways1) I ran C cleaner to delete all cookies. 2) I do not use the favorites or history to load the page ..i enter ''www.feboshare.com" and most of the times it is ok then. I am continuously searching for up-loaders that take files. In any case here is the link where you can download the jruler for free http://www.spadixbd.com/freetools/jruler.htm
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