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Don't smoke near your macbook

Guest Quafe24

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Guest Quafe24

Was just reading a story about a couple different people who had their macbooks overheat. After they sent it in for warranty repairs and replacement apple informed them that the warranty was void. Apparently the presence of cigarette smoke residue will cause internal problems in a macbook significant enough that Apple considers it sabotage.


The way apple puts it is. "cigarette residue" is a "bio-hazard." So because its a biohazard they want to charge $3,000 to fix it. Interesting since a new one doesnt even cost that much.

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Guest Quafe24


I think that's a new intelligence test. If you fail (smoking is an instant fail) the hardware dies.


Sounds fair....


seriously, I know this guy who eats 3 healthy meals a day and works out. Then he smokes...


That's almost as bad as the people who go to McDonalds, order 1 BigMac, 2 XL Fries, and then a giant "DIET" coke.

It's like... ummm.. yeah, you might be fooling yourself but everyone else knows exactly what you are... STUPID!


I was reading a Digg article a while back about this but...

If someone really is addicted to smoking it can be tough, but there is NO EXCUSE to be smoking those disgusting smelly and highly toxic cigarettes. You can easily pick up an electronic cigarette from any most online retailers.


For instance, amazon - http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_0_14? ... tronic+cig


Electronic cigarettes are odorless, smokeless, and re-useable. The only chemical you put in them is nicotine, while nicotine is still dangerous it is a lot better than all of the crap they put in normal cigarettes. These are great for people who are already addicted to smoking. From the youtube videos and reviews I've seen on these, most people say they make you feel just like a normal cigarette. You can even smoke them on airplanes, but you might freak some people out.


So next time you see someone smoking.. tell them get get an electronic cigarette, it's the next best thing to quitting. Oh and they won't void your apple warranty :lol:

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Guest Sarah Hastings

This is a crazy story. Is it true? well if it is, I am afraid that; Apple is going to have restrictions on our dietary habits and lifestyles in order to keep their warranties and techs working ..i wonder what's next!

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Guest vincentjoseff

No smoke or anything, it was only 70F at the time, the fans are working well, the two turn to 6k rpm with no problem. Eva has always made my notebook from overheating (100C system statistics show if I turned all graphics settings on high and get into a battle fleet.) In fact, Eva is the only program that freezes my laptop hot most reach about 70C idle, 55C max.

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