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Emails with images in outlook 2007


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Hi guys,


This is the simple but bothering issue I'm talking about.

When one of my friend sent me an email with pictures, I get the picture as an attachment and i get a link in the email

like [cid:image002.jpg@01C9DF74.442A19E0]


When she sent me these email to Gmail, i dont even get this attachment, i will just a get the link which is not active.


Can you please tell me something about this.


I'm attaching some screen shots for your reference.


Thanks.. :)


Note: I don't have this issue with all emails.



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Hey Vadim,


Thank you for your response. :)


My outlook is set to HTML mode.

I'm attaching the screenshots of the full view of the email.

Here also you can see the when i double click the email i get the first screenshot (cid3), with the attachment as a folder.

When i click on the folder it gives me the second screenshot (cid4).





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You could try:


If that doesn't work it iss probably your friend's email.


Yeah, I think what might be going on is the person sending you the email is using a MAC client or some client other than Outlook OR, they are using a Mobile device like a blackberry.


You should confirm how the emails are being sent and let us know. This would be a good one to figure out.


Thanks Jas!

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Hey guys thanks for your replies.


Animis : I'm sorry , I couldn't find the option you suggested. :(

"1. Tools > Options > Mail Format > Internet Format

2. Click Restore Defaults"

So i dint try that.


Groove: As you said i talked to my friend and this is her reply

"I send it through web mail.. As in I don't use Outlook. Since we are in the embassy, we are given a secure password to access the company network. So we login to the network through internet and the applications are available in the web page. I'm not very sure how this thing works... But from what i read in the post, it might be similar to sending it from a Blackberry."


So, i think you are right on that point.. :)


Thanks to all of you

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