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Plantronics Hub v3.9.4 Update Windows/Mac

Steve Krause

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Just got prompted to update my softphone/headset software and it reminded me (to remind all of you) that this is a good example of why it's important to keep all the software on your Windows/Mac box fully updated.

In my case, the Plantronics Hub software is the brains behind my Headset which I use for all things Audio and Mic on my work Mac including Cisco Jabber or Skype, WebEx, Slack calls and a few other apps. It also updates the firmware on my headset and Plantronics Bluetooth headset. So, it's fairly important.

Here are the release notes for the V3.9.4 update.




Plantronics Hub v3.9.4
Coming soon: Plantronics Hub for Windows/Mac v3.9.4 Release 

What's New

  • Fixed audio issue with Savi 700 Series and Savi 400 Series resulting from a logic error in the tuning parameter update that occurred after a device firmware update using Hub v3.9.2. Note: To access the most recent firmware for these products, users must update to Plantronics Hub v3.9.4 or above.
  • Updated certificate to fix issue with the Plantronics Hub REST Service API on Chrome v58.
  • Fixed intermittent issue with Plantronics Legend during firmware update or language change. Note: To access the most recent firmware upgrade for Plantronics Legend, users must update to Plantronics Hub v3.9.4 and above.
  • Fixed issue with Unicode characters when creating LDAP groups. Plantronics Hub for Win/Mac will now recognize group names with Unicode characters.            

Known Issues

  • Call control on Cisco Jabber versions prior to v11.x are not functional.
  • Settings that appear on both headset and BT300 adapter may not synchronize correctly when changed.
  • If Plantronics Savi 700 Series or Savi 400 Series headset firmware or tuning is not correctly read from device (for example, battery is empty), device can't register to the server.
  • After wearing sensor is turned off for Blackwire 710/720, Plantronics Hub still shows sensor-dependent settings as ON yet they do not work.





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