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Get the iPod Touch 3.1 Upgrade for just $4.95


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Sweet! I get to post the very first groovy DEAL! hehe


For those of you with and iPod touch, all the geek sites out there are reporting you can now upgrade it to the latest 3.1 OS / Firmware for just $4.95. $4.95 is 50% off the original $10 Apple was charging for Touch users to goto the 3.0 release.


According to a mac site, only 1% of users went to the 3.0 code so we will see how many will make the jump for just 5 bucks..?


June saw a report from mobile advertising firm AdMob which suggested only 1% of iPod touch users accessing its ad network had upgraded to V.3.0 software, compared to 44% of iPhone users.


Here's the full article from 9to5mac.com

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Yup I can confirm this.


I still have yet to upgrade my iPod Touch.


Yea it's a given $5.00 isn't much to ask. It's the principle though, I paid extra to get the 2nd gen Touch and all of the features that the update extrapulates should have already been lincluded. Infact, the lack of these features were what really annoyed me the most about buying the Touch originally and convinced me to Jail break it.


I'll wait till they make it free, the iPhone update is...

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Guest justinGP


I'll wait till they make it free, the iPhone update is...


Ditto - I paid a crap load for the touch so why the hell should I pay for updates? At least give me free updates for 12 - 36 months like all other companies on the planet! After the "warranty" period is over fine, charge me for future updates.


This especially pisses me off when they give the updates away for free to the iPHONE. Can you say INCONSISTENT!!!


I'm just glad Microsoft doesn't do this or we would all be paying a lot of cash for Windows Update services......

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