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Boost a Wi-Fi Signal

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You could always use a Power-line adapter. Costs less than a booster (around 50$) and is highly portable and has speeds of up to 500mbs. (Maplin in the UK and Ireland, sell them) They come with a "transmitter" that plugs into one of your electric sockets and is connected by an ethernet cable to your router. Then the other plug or plugs (ypu can have any number ares where ever in the house you want them. They can have a wi-fi out receiver with usually an ethernet out socket too.

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Honestly, I don’t know much about repeaters, I know they do have them. I also have a Netgear router. In the advanced options for the Netgear there are options to setup a repeater. What this should be able to do is you can get another WIFI router (I think), unless you just need an access point. But you can place this access point in another part of the house and it will duplicate the signal being sent to and from your router, thus giving you twice the distance than what you had before.

Another option, if possible, would be to run a LAN cable from the Internet connection (modem) and place your Netgear router more in a central location. This would be less convenient because then your modem and router wouldn’t be together, but it would give you a better and more reliable signal for all devices, instead of having to install another piece of equipment.

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