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  1. Obviously you have an interest in Tribe Disco. However there are several very, very good web hosting companies. I would suggest that you look at SITEGROUND. Their interface and everything else, is easy to understand. Their support, be it either chat or email is as good as it gets.
  2. You could always use a Power-line adapter. Costs less than a booster (around 50$) and is highly portable and has speeds of up to 500mbs. (Maplin in the UK and Ireland, sell them) They come with a "transmitter" that plugs into one of your electric sockets and is connected by an ethernet cable to your router. Then the other plug or plugs (ypu can have any number ares where ever in the house you want them. They can have a wi-fi out receiver with usually an ethernet out socket too.
  3. Not a bad idea. I don't have problems with quickly disconnecting the HDDs that are connected to the iMac and hiding them on or offsite. I'd rather have a NAS hidden a long way from the computer (we have a large house and so this is possible.) Pricewise the (4) tray solution is actually about the same price or more than a WD Cloud server. Can you tell me how the HDDs in the trays are connected to the computer and will this work with Macs?
  4. I want to install a home based server to hold my backups. I have discounted using a paid service like Dropbox or several other similar cloud services, because they are too expensive (example: Dropbox = 1$/GB per year.) I currently have 2x2TB external HDDs that I alternate for my Mac using Time Machine and then I keep all my media files on another 2TB external HDD backup to the last 2TB external HDD. They are all kept in the same place next to the computer and I am aware that in case of a fire or a burglary they all might disappear, so every time the house is empty I hide some of the HDDs. Not an elegant solution. There are 2 possibilities: First take the backup disks to another part of our (large) house where they will be hidden and no-where near the computer and then link them directly to the Mac. BUT HOW? long USB? Powerline RJ45? The HDDs of course do not have RJ45 sockets. Secondly use a home server like a WD cloud server hidden away as above. These are called NAS servers. Which ones are good but not ridiculously expensive (up to say 300$) using some of those 2TB HDDs in it or connected by USB? A completely off site server might be too slow. We live in the country and although the Internet connection is good I think it might be a problem. I'd appreciate ideas and even a short discussion. Henry
  5. For the Windows PC use Skype. It has a chat section. Free too. We use that from my daughter in Ireland (W PC) to us on Macs You must also have a mobile phone so use Whatsapp.
  6. "My wife said to use WiFi I needed an addressable IP provided by the ISP" is incorrect. Wi-fi is a wire less way of communication between two wi-fi enabled gadgets. Example: My iMac computer and my Apple TV. Each will issue automatically its own IP address. No Internet connection is needed for the basic usage but Apple being Apple want me to connect to other things on the Internet, which I do. BUT I do not need in Internet connection for it to work. Simply put an IP is just an address, I am here nnn.nnn.nn.nn. However if I wish to open a route to the outside world from either my iMac or AppleTV I need to connect to an ISP. That is an Internet Service Provider.They are the stage post that sits between you and the WWW. Your router will assign an IP address to itself. All your gadgets will keep their addresses.
  7. "The card is 100% genuine and I'm sure of it... I purchased the card from the internet" I know a guy that bought a Renoir painting and thought it 100% genuine. It was a fake. I knew the guy that sold it to him as well but that's another story.
  8. All the replies are correct and offer good advice. The easiest part is making a website. The hardest part is getting people to see it. So think of it like this... Stage 1 -You make a website. You write/add content that is correct and informative for your product or service. You "register" it with the major search engines (Google, Yahoo etc.) You wait. Nothing happens. Stage 2 - You add a Blog. You create a page on Facebook. You have Twitter account. You make a few video clips and post them on Youtube etc. You wait. Nothing happens. Stage 3 - You search for a good SEO company and/or a referencing company. WARNING There are many companies offering SEO and referencing. The two go together. You are unlucky, pick a useless company, pay a lot and nothing happens. Now be careful. You can spend a small fortune on these companies with no results, so before committing to one of them use Google to see what other customers really think about the chosen one. Stage 4 - You do a serious search and find a responsible company. Your site begins to pay dividends. I mentioned doing a Blog. There is a very popular word game ( I wont name it) on the Internet and I love playing it so I decided to do a blog with advice and named it " 'wordgame' mytips" and never referenced it or paid attention to SEO and I have had over 500,000 hits. This tells me two things. Whatever else you do add a blog with all the best bits of your business taken from the created website. try a name that could be easily asked. (as "any tips for 'word game'") Leave links back to your website and if it's with Blogger, then Google, the owners of Blogger will do the rest.
  9. Since posting a comment to Mariyan Dhanush (above) I checked out their website. I get this response for an iPhone 4s in the USA, UK and France with the leading operators. "Unlocking services supported for your phone : We currently do not have any unlocking services that are supported by your mobile phone." I do not expect to see a reply from Mariyan Dhanush. Why on earth did he/she post?
  10. Mariyan Dhanush. Will you please answer YES or NO to the following question: If you use your Remote Unlocking Service at simple unlocking dot com and THEN you connect to iTunes will the iPhone be restored back to the original provider? Prove it to everyone with a Youtube video showing an unlock followed by a connection to iTunes. Until you confirm YES or NO then I'd advise everyone to stay away from these companies and use the (just as cheap but at least legal and permanent) Apple service. In fact these unlocking services are a waste of money.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion but things have moved on since this was posted. I realised that in order to use either Wordpress or Joomla, you need to know some HTML. So I reverted back to using Dreamweaver and found it more versatile and in the end I was able to create what I wanted. My knowledge of HTML has improved and I am beginning to accept that WP and Joomla and other CMS type programs, are great for those who need to make a blog or website up to a certain level. Then there are those who go that mile further and make some fabulous websites/blogs etc. BUT these guys are well into CMS at a level I would never be. I found to my surprise that the learning curve with Dreamweaver is faster than with WP or Joomla because after a certain level it becomes tricky to mess about with the CMS programs. Dreamweaver is constant. From when I first used it 15 years ago to today it has not changed much. True the program is smarter and HTML has gained CSS and Javascript but the change has been gradual enough to be able to follow it even after a five year break. Not so with Joomla 1.5 to 3.0! Any serious website writer even at an amateur level is probably better off with Dreamweaver or using a basic HTML editor.
  12. I was using an iMac OS 10.8.3 and had this error message while in Thunderbird: “Unable to open the summary file for Perhaps there was an error on disk, or the full path is too long.” When I tried to get my mail I got “The” is not responding.” (My ISP) This problem has been around for at least 5 years and everyone was looking to their email clients or their ISP mail servers, which was wrong. At first I too thought it was Thunderbird. I tried everything, without success, that was suggested on the forums. I then decided to install first “Opera” then I tried “Mail” already installed on my iMac. Both gave me “The” is not responding.” trying to add a new account. Basically I was getting the same problem across all email clients and all accounts. Pop and Imap. I saw a forum for gmail (one of my accounts is a gmail, which uses IMAP) where a Google rep replied and finally said what we should do but added: “If it is a problem across all email clients and all IMAP servers then it is something else. Have a nice day” I tried my PC and I had no problem downloading my emails. Conclusion: It was not the IMAP servers. It was not Thunderbird and Mail and Opera. It was not my ISP. It was not my adsl/broadband box. It was in fact a MacOS problem and the same tho-ing can happen on a PC. We did have a few storms locally and the iMac was shut down but it is surge protected twice. SOLUTION: The MAC solution was to resest my Network servers. I was told by justperry on MACRUMORS to do this: Go/macintosh HD or root/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration Take the whole SystemConfiguration folder put it on your desk top (it's now backup copy) Trash the SystemConfiguration folder if it is still in the Preferences folder and restart. The iMac reconfigured the SystemConfiguration folder and it all worked again.
  13. By coincidence after we all answered your question, Sky News put up a report that you should read. I feel I must add that I too was very annoyed at my Mum and elder sister spying on me when I was about 11 or 12. I haven't forgot it although I had forgiven them a long time ago. I am nearly 70 now! (
  14. Bob is correct about installing spyware or malware. Not a good idea. But there are ways of seeing what someone else is doing or has done on a computer. If you have access to another computer there are several pieces of software that enable you to look at the other computers screen without them knowing. One is remote control pc .com there are many others. The software is intended for the user to control his/her computer for anywhere. A side benefit is that just being connected and NOT MOVING your mouse will enable you in real time to see what's going on. That is spying. I presume that your son will be using private browsing, which is a function available on all major browsers. But if he is careless and does not clear the history, you can see the websites visited. You can also check the cookies and see if anything shows up there. You may also like to read this article. ( I'll end by saying that the best route IMO would be to confront him in a polite and gentle way. You may do more harm if he finds out you have been spying on him.
  15. Can we have the URL address of the website? Your ID and PW are not needed
  16. Hi, I'm sure Simon H is correct and please do what he says but I must tell you that I had to set up a new computer for a friend. I'd changed to Mac 2 years ago after many years with Windows and I found Windows 8 horrible. The UI seemed old fashioned, top heavy, designed by a gorilla and I hated it. Try it by all means but it put me off ever returning to Windows.
  17. Difficult to answer not knowing what type of website it is. Made by you with Dreamweaver, a Joomla 1.5, 2.5 or 3.0, Wordpress etc.? I know that Joomla 1.5 websites, because they have stopped supporting them, have been vunerable to being hacked. Check with FTP to see if there is a "Hacked.php" file in the root. That is the hacker saying how clever he is! Don't bother to delete it rather change it to ....old and upload another harmless and uselss file called hacked.php. That does not really help but says to the hacker, "Hi!" A bit more information and perhaps someone will help more. I'm no expert but my J 1.5 website was hacked and they added several users.
  18. Here I am again answering my own question! BTW this could well apply to other software problems. Being a good Googler I now just google the question like "how do I remove the search button from the header in WP" or whatever. That usually gets me several forum threads on the subject but what annoys me is that the threads are always the same: Why don't you try this... I have the same problem... that will not work and I found this thread.... etc. etc. So I have started compiling a "How to in WP" fact sheet. As soon as I have found the answer I add it without all the blah blah. In other words instead of a dozen Q,s and A,s and me too's, I sift the replies and in a few lines I have it for future reference as I will often forget (It's my age you know). You may close this thread as answered but I'd like to hear if anyone else has done that and perhaps we could share?
  19. Again even though this is an old post can I add that if you sign up to a or .com you can always buy a domain name and redirect it to the WP website. Try Siteground (my hosting service) they will install within minutes WP, Joomla and many other similar software CMS programs and they are very reasonable and there support is top.
  20. I know this is an old thread but I thought about this problem and what if you simply put what you want in an Iframe on your "gallery" page. Just pop this in the article/page, including the square brackets, alter the size to suit and play with the called up page. [iframe src="" width="100%" height="480]
  21. Thanks for that. I was visiting the wordpress org and com forums but many of the replys were either wrong, old or very poorly explained. Your first link Theme developement is very good and explains well. From there I was able to surf through to some more correctly posted answers. Think I am OK now.
  22. Is there anyone out there who could answer a few questions about WP and how to code what and where? For example how to not have a header image on one page. Have just started using WP and most of the answers on the popular forums seem to fail.
  23. I said "Unlocking any phone on its own does not need iTunes" DO NOT DO IT OTHER THAN HOW I SAID. YES YOU CAN PERMANENTLY UNLOCK THE IPHONE BUT BUT BUT you MUST do it through your ORIGINAL PROVIDER and APPLE. GOING ANY OTHER ROUTE (like using an unlock service "The unlock arena") THEN THE FIRST TIME YOU CONNECT THE IPHONE TO ITUNES AFTER THEY UNLOCK IT* YOUR IPHONE IS RELOCKED BACK TO THE ORIGINAL PROVIDER. *They didn't tell you that did they?
  24. Oh that it were an open and shut case. I agree on 1, 2 and 3 but they hold little weight in the French Courts. The monthly charges are somewhere but it doesn't sink in at the time. It's amazing how easily it is to get duped. Also most victims do not have the foresight to check the company out with the simple Google of "Company Name + scam" etc. It's too late when the salesperson has left. There is certainly a sort of Consumer Credit Act but it is all part of a larger sales law. No I think that the Delivery note is the weakest part together with "no T&C for the finance companies". Keeping the client in the dark is a good line of attack if we can get that told in court. As to getting a group together, I now understand why so far it's them 30,000, us nil. Groups have been formed but die because the founders have paid and want to get on with their lives. I have tried everywhere but I have had no action. It is pathetic. Now I know why the companies are so succesful. Changing the law is exactly what I said was needed and it will happen eventually. Trouble is getting the palimentary listeners to listen and the groups to put pressure on them.
  25. Part 2... PART 2 Google <cortix, locam, scam, avocat »I was quite prepared once my contract was finished to try and forget this but, with LOCAM insisting that I carry on, my ideas have changed. If LOCAM insist on the extra year’s payment then I will go to court but I will go for cancellation from the begining with damages as they insist that the contract is theirs and that it is still valid. What makes this so confusing is that the contracts were sold to PUBLICIS but if LOCAM is correct PUBLICIS effectively purchased nothing, which I strongly feel they will not agree to.The law of contract is not the same as in the UK. 2 lawyers have told me that, in order for the contract to be cancelled by the court they have to be shown an error and the signed delivery is the clue. Hence my original question and I do not think that anyone has yet tried that tactic. I have three points of attack. 1 The impossibility of accepting something that does not exist, knowing that it is possible to upload a temporary website with the contractor’s name on it. 2 That no terms and conditions of the finance companies proposed were shown in the contract and that as they said there could be several others this too was also impossible to do. 3 That the contracts were not split as they said in their contract (this is very French) and gets very complicated. Either Cortix gave up all rights in the contract. That LOCAM is the sole contractor . That PUBLICIS purchased nothing. OR Cortix gave up some rights in the contract. That LOCAM is the NOT sole contractor . That PUBLICIS purchased a valid contract. There you have it. Henry