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I changed my computer name and joined a new domain and can't use old administrator account


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Hello,Here is my big problem.

I am in windows 7 pro 64 bit.1,using computer normally in a workgroup setting2.changed the PC name and joined the new domain with new credentials3.rebooted the PC and logon to new domain with new credentials 4.but I don't have admin rights so I tried to install something and get prompted with old admin account/password but tried it but didn't work, not sure why?5.if I change my pc name, does it delete my old credentials?6.how do I retrieve back my old admin account without re-installing windows 7?

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Welcome to the site @gahdhi

Renaming the PC has nothing to do with the administrator account on the PC. That said, moving the PC from a workgroup to a domain can. One thing we do on our network is once a PC joins the network we change the local Admin account name and password to standardize the PC for support and prevent either the user or a hacker from granting themselves Admin rights later.

Hopefully that's not the case with your PC now that you've joined the domain with it. If that's NOT the case, try the 2 options below.

Option 1

Login to the PC as the local Administrator account Computername\Administrator and grant your DomainUser account Admin rights on the PC. Do this by adding your Domain account into the Administrators Group on the Windows PC. Then, either install the App as Admin or log out and back in with your DomainUser account since that account is now an Admin.

Option 2

Logged in as your DomainUser account, when prompted for the Admin account to install the App, be sure to specify the Local Admin account Computername\Administrator. This tells Windows you want to use the Local Account vs. the domain admin account.

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