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What's the BEST way to make money online?

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Ideas:Sign up for Bing Rewards $10 every 3.5 months just to use Bing

Check out Fiverr.com -- basically odd jobs on the web for $5. I like the ones where people do drawings for you. But you can also get paid for "social media marketing" coughspamming

Write for Demand Studios - Yes, I know they are the devil--content farms and that. But if you need money, you need money. I've made thousands of dollars here (literally). I signed up a long time ago I don't know if they've gotten pickier. But some REALLY easy articles that pay $15 per (just look at some of the asinine junk on eHow). Demand Studios is stepping it up, too. You can publish tio places like Slate.com and USAToday.com and Local.com and WhiteFence.com and other "premium" sites for $18 to $25. If you can follow their sometimes arbitrary editorial guidelines and type fast, you can make at least $150 to $200 a day without breaking a sweat.

Write for TextBroker - The pay here is crap. Less than $5 for some. But if you are REALLY hard up and can't get into Demand Studios, do this.

Become an Amazon Affiliate - Make some REALLY good Listmania's and PROFIT. I had a stupid site about Fiestaware that got me about $25 to $50 a month in Amazon gift cards. And I never even touched the thing. If you pick something you actually care about it might be more lucrative.

Sign up for Amazon Mechanical Turk --- boorrrrring mind numbing work and very low pay but if you've got nothing but time, it beats making ZERO dollars an hour. I've actually never tried this.

Find security exploits in Google Chrome - OKAY, if you're smart enough to do that, you should just look for programming work on ODesk or Elance.

That's all I can think of right now. Sadly, none of these are "easy money." If you can build a really well marketed and well SEO'd website, you can make a mint on CJ.com with the right niche. But it's a gamble. I recommend getting a part time job instead.

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Freelance writing! No matter what you're interests, and if you're a good writer and have interesting content. It's a great way to start generating money. You're not going to get rich over night by any means, but if you keep plugging away after your daily job...it reaps rewards.

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Start a website, get lots of regular viewers. Sell it to Google for Billions like YouTube founders did.

Create a social network, advertise it to close-knit college kids to make it seem hip. As soon as it is popular enough, sell out all the hipsters and make it available to the public. Like Facebook did.

Create an online service that replaces something you do offline. Aka Skype, Hulu, Netflix, etc...

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