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  1. When I try to make iced tea, i stir and stir and stir and the sugar never dissolves! but with hot tea it's like instant. whatup?
  2. Hey I know you guys are techies but I want to make money from home on the Internet. What's the best way to do this? I don't want any scams and I don't want to have to "buy in." Any ideas?
  3. The best part of Windows 7 is Windows Live Writer. Seriously, how can you blog without it? Someone please make a blogging client that comes close to WLW for OS X or Linux. Is there one!?
  4. Ugh that ends up being almost as much as just getting a regular smartphone contract. I guess you guys are right. It's probably not a good idea to be a cheapskate
  5. I want an Android phone but don't wanna shell out big bucks. I keep seeing commercials for the Boost Android phone, but is it the same thing as like, a Samsung Galaxy S? Should I even bother getting this phone? Will the data plan be expensive? Can I get apps?
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