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installing windows xp together with windows to use the old programs.

Guest ojsiracusa
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In short, yes. But it'll take a little bit of effort. What programs specifically do you need to run in XP that you can't install in Windows 7? Dual-booting is somewhat cumbersome and potentially risky in terms of preserving your data, since yoiu'll have to create new partitions.

As an alternative, you should see if you can run your XP programs in Win7.Windows 7 has some pretty good compatibility features. And if you choose to upgrade to Windows 7 professional, you can get Windows XP mode (which isn't available for Windows 7 Home Premium).


you can also virtualize xp mode but it takes a lot of processing power

let me know if u'd like help with that - me or another contributor can do a tutorial on the blog

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Agreed - not a lot of reason to run XP once you install XP. However if you need it, running in XP mode should be good enough AND it's free so why not.

Not sure if XP mode is supported on Windows home premium however... will need to check that.


Nope - Windows Home Premium does not support Winodws XP Mode


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