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Google vs. ISP throttling

Guest Animis

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I heard or saw something on Digg recently that was talking about how Google was going after ISP's for bandwidth throttling using an application they dev'd, I looked and cant seem to find the application, anyone else know anything?

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Yeah I read that a few months back on Slashdot:

http://tech.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid ... 4&from=rss


Another one here:

http://hothardware.com/News/Google_To_D ... _Detector/


And I read they are getting involved on the Glasnost project which checks to see if your ISP is manipulating your BitTorrent traffic:



Cant really find anything from GOOGLE in print about their scanner...???


Anyway, here's what I found on Lifehacker:

http://lifehacker.com/software/bittorre ... 295995.php

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BitTorrents can be iffy, but if it's general connection that concerns you check out the groovy article just posted on the front page, it should help out a little bit. Here's a link to it:

Understand Your Internet Connection and Test its Speed



I know from personal experience if there are competitors in the area an ISP will do you a few favors to keep you as a customer. I currently use Comcast but Verizon Fios just moved into my area.


Only two weeks ago I was paying $104.99 for just TV and Internet.

So I checked the Fios website and they only wanted $100 for TV / Internet. (much faster internet too)

One call to Comcast, saying "I think I am going to switch to Fios since they offer faster speeds" and they immediately dropped my monthly fee to $74.99. That's $30 a month saved, and to top it off a Comcast Tech came by the house earlier today (2 weeks after my initial call) and asked me how my service was doing, because apparently they are going to be installing some new lines in my neighborhood now and my speed is supposed to double.


Not bad for one little phone call. Lesson: Don't be afraid to ask your ISP any questions you might have regarding your service, it can pay off.

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