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Coffee Snobs - Joulies will make you happy


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Joulies are a newly designed drop-in giant metal coffee bean that lets you simultaneously cool down your coffee from boiling hot to a drinkable temperature, while at the same time keeping the coffee at the ideal drinking temperature for twice as long as normal.


They are now accepting pre-orders for $40 - a bit steep, but they are just a small startup...

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/705 ... just-right


(click image to enlarge)


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I think it's a great idea. But too freaking expensive. $40? And that is supposed to be a $10 discount off of what they will charge normally...


They can kiss my *** if they think I'm gonna spend 40 bucks on some metal beans that take up room in my coffee. Drop the price down to $20 and we got a deal.

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