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Guest sanjesh

I've read through your various posts on account deletion. I had managed to research and delete my old account about 12 months ago(yes after the 2 wk standdown!). I've just logged in using my old email and all my stuff is still there.....surprise!

Well, that's fine. But my real problem is that I want to now associate my current facebook account with the email from my old account. Why? because when I first joined facebook, I mistakenly used an email address I shouldn't have, so deleted that account, and started another account using a different email address.(which is my current account).

BUT, as I've used facebook more and more, and see its value...........I'd like to "add" my older email address to my current account, to locate more friends and business associations, but alas, EVEN AFTER 12 months, as soon as I enter this email address, it tells me that, the "email is associated with another account", yes an account that has been DEAD for over 12 months.

Does anyone understand my problem............any assistance would be very much appreciated.

Even if I could somehow "move" or merge everything by creating a new or reactivating my old account.

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Yeah, I have a facebook account only to manage my business page so there are valid uses.


Anyway, I've not actually gone through and done this but looking at the interface, it appears like it should work.


Login to the account that has the email address you want to re-use. Now once logged in, Click Account, Account Settings. On the Settings Tab Click CHANGE under Email.


Here it looks like you can change your email address. My advice would be to create a new email address at Google and use that so you can still control the account if needed.


Now, once you register a new email address the old email address should be available to do the same process on your new Facebook account.


Make sense? Please post back if this works. I'm curious! ;)





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