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Consolidated Outlook 2010 Inbox with Blackberry

Guest nicolo

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The article about setting up a consolidated Outlook Inbox for multiple accounts (http://www.addictivetips.com/microsoft- ... look-2010/) is really helpful and works great. I have set up colour-coded Categories to show the original destination and type of message (I have one personal Gmail account and 3 corporate email boxes I monitor for different purposes all set up via IMAP). One slight downside is that the emails don’t arrive in the new Consolidated Inbox until the folders are synced, but I have this set to sync every 2 minutes so a small price to pay. However…… 2 significant problems I would welcome help for as I cannot seem to find a resolution or alternative that overcomes them:


1) I also have all emails delivered to my Blackberry. I am not getting all of them now, only some. And, of course, when I read &/or them on one device (PC or Blackberry) they that is not reflected on the other.


2) When my Gmail emails arrive they hit my Gmail account Inbox but as soon as sync runs and they are deleted and moved to the Gmail Trash folder (and then purged from there by Gmail).


Has anyone overcome the above two issues? Suggestions/comments gratefully received. Thanks!!

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Not simple problems.

1 - Your first issue could be something up with your Blackberry device. How is it managed? Is it a corporate blackberry server or are you using your PC to keep it in sync?


2 - Sounds like something is up with your outlook account in the way you have it configured. do you have it set to move emails you sync into the trash?

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Hey, thx so much for the quick reply. My Blackberry is not connected to a BBry Enterprise Server. It is just configured to receive and sent from the individual accounts. I used the standard Bbry email set up from the device to configure this and it worked easily first time. Also I do not believe I have Outlook set up to move emails into Trash (see image - I have all 4 accounts set up with similar rules). Thanks again!!


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