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Retail Deals On "BLACK FRIDAY" (11/26/2010)?

Guest trollcrusher

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Guest trollcrusher

Fellow groovyPost users ...


I was just curious as to if anyone out there in cyberspace / here on groovyPost has heard of any good electronic deals scheduled for the day after Thanksgiving (known as "Black Friday" due to the large revenue generated on that day - enough to push struggling retailers "out of the red and into the black" so-to-speak).


I am keeping my eyes and ears open for the once a year major markdowns of laptops in some of the "Big Box" stores (i.e. "Best Buy" / Wal-Mart / etc.) and was wondering if any of you have an inside scoop on what particular models will be significantly reduced, and if so, by how much. I need info on brands, etc.


I figured that some of you (or people you may know) work at said "Big Box" retailers and wouldn't mind sharing your insider info with the rest of us ... hopefully, by doing so, it'll be a "Win - Win" situation. A win for the consumer and a win for the retailer in these threadbare economic times.


Thanks again everyone. I look forward to reading your responses.


Best wishes,


trollcrusher :D

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Guest trollcrusher

shockersh ...


Yep. Noticed that they started showing up the day that I posted this thread ... seems like everyone was on the same page with regard to this event just around the corner here.


Thanks for your reply.



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Guest trollcrusher

Apparently, Wal-Mart, Inc. has decided to employ the friendly modern day knights in Kevlar armor (shown below waiting to *assist* patrons) as its Black Friday crowd control measure. :shock:


Bring a sack or two of donuts as "bribes". :mrgreen:


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Guest trollcrusher

Laugh you say? These guys were only blocking the Xbox / PlayStation isle on Black Friday. :shock:



Shoulda seen the rest of the store ... amoured personnel carriers in the hunting / fishing department.


H-60G Pave Hawk helicopters covering the parking lot situation.


Tear gas cannons in housewears.


Muzzled riot K-9's in the women's undergarments section.


And last but not least, a freakin' ICBM nuclear missle in the Barbie toys aisle. (I sh*t you not). :wink:



And that was just at Wal-Mart. :mrgreen:

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