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Dear All,


We are running windows XP and few Windows 7 machines at office. We have Office 2007 installed in every machine. For many users it’s impossible to save the excel documents on a network drive which are shared because it gives an error saying, “Microsoft excel encountered a problem and need to close” and the screen froze. Or else it gives the error, “the file cannot be saved due to sharing violation” or the error “the xxx.xlsx is locked for editing by ‘another user’” and opens up the “Read only or Notify” dialog box. The anti-virus we are using is Symantec endpoint 11.


I already tried the following.


1) Removing sharing and re-doing the sharing : It worked for few users

2) Deleting temporary files in the Temp folder


I can assure you that there isn’t any problem with the file permissions.


Sometimes when users save their work, some part of the work is saved where as the remaining is not saved. When opened up again and checked it shows only some amount of work. Not the last ones.


Files can be saved locally without any issue.


Please guide on this issue, I have been working on this for one week now, but still couldn’t find any solution. Sometimes the system works perfectly without any problem too.


Your support in solving this is highly appreciated.

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How many users do you have?


So first off, the easy stuff (so I don't need to think very hard). Make sure your running the last Office 2007 service pack. SP2 I think?


Next comes the rules. Excel 2007 will only let 1 person open and edit the file at any given time. You probably know this but I'm just posting it just in case. Be sure your users are training to open the file, save it and close excel. This way the lock should be released.


Next make sure the permissions are setup correctly. Just to keep things simple for now, make sure you give all your users "Full Control" so they can full view, read and modify the file.


After that, you should be fine. I've been working in a 8000 employee company for a long time and we've always shared .docx, .xlsx files with no issues other than the average douche who opens a file, saves it a few times but never closes it.... stupid tool....


There also might be a script you can run on the file server where your sharing these documents where you can clear all connections to the share every night... might help ya?

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