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DVI to HDMI cable not working

Guest Animis

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Heya guys, I recently purchased a DVI to HDMI cable during the cyber monday sales.


I got my cable from here http://www.eforcity.com/pothhdmid2m1.html for a $3 free shipping deal.

And I'm using a HP w2207h monitor.


For some reason I'm not getting any video on the screen from my DVI outpout on my video card. My vga works just fine though, infact I don't even have a vga output on the card. I am using a dvi to vga converter as it is. I just have dual dvi outputs. My monitor status infact even shows that it is not connected to anything, even though the cable is plugged in!


My monitor has HDMI and VGA in, no DVI in. Maybe thats the reason? Or maybe its just a crap cable... Either way, help is appreciated, because if it's the cables fault I'm gonna RMA it.

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do you really see a difference between the analog and digital? where do you see it? Games or?


Also, why do you want HDMI on a computer? isn't the point of hdmi to combine audio and video into 1 cable / port?

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HDMI is digital so it will be better than the analog VGA connection. How much better.... you "might" notice it. 1600x1200 is 1600x1200 no matter how you look at it.


As far as HDMI on a computer.... I can't see a reason (with today's computers & monitors). You would have to have a computer which integrates the sound and the video into a single port AND a monitor which does the same. Personally, I like my audio to output to some nice Speakers. Not the lame monitor speakers. So perhaps you would Output from the monitor to the speakers...? That's an option I guess.


Hope this helps.

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Guest harrysmith

According to my opinion, you should re install your video drivers or you can also change your cable. A friend of mine took 2m HDMI Cable from mono price and it runs well. If its cable fault, then purchase it with some reputed online stores.

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