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odd things with outlook 2007

Guest TerriB

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Run XP and only user of PC. Always had Outlook and consider myself very proficient. This time I migrated from stand alone Outlook 2003 to OFFICE 2007 about 6 months ago. Took a little while getting used to the ribbons/office button but all was well and all of a sudden about 3 weeks ago Outlook started acting strangely every day.

All these issues seem to involve 'sensitivity".


ISSUE #1: When I highlight and try to drag message from inbox to a folder it either opens message instead (I am not clicking on it) and/or will not 'lock' onto the folder where I want it and either does not move it or moves it where I don't want it. It feels like I am using a Ouija board with something trying to move where I do not want to go. GOODNESS ....how QED is drag and drop??? This is certainly not my first or thousandth time at this rodeo. While trying to lock onto a folder to drag a message the folders nearby get all messed up and become sub folders of others,etc. I am spending so much time trying to find where the folders have gone and trying to drag messages where I want them rather than have them open up and its driving me nuts.


ISSUE #2: When closing a message I have always double clicked the button upper left corner. That is now the Office button and sometimes it closes message but more than not it opens up a new blank email and when I try to close it upper left it opens another new one ad-nauseum....grrrr. I have always closed messages using upper left corner...do I just need to STOP doing that and retrain myself to close with one of the other methods? Habits-habits-habits!


ISSUE #3: Its very hard to highlight text to copy/delete/move. Hard to 'lock' onto the first letter and as I drag I lose all or part of what I just highlighted and sometimes when I get it all highlighted and let go - the text is not highlighted any longer.


I keep thinking that maybe there is more to getting used to Outlook 2007 than I thought or is there something really strange going on? I keep my PC clean and keep my programs updated. HELP PLEASE. Simple tasks have become hellish.



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So every one of your items is really nasty..... Have you upgraded to the latest service pack of Office 2007? I think Office 2007 SP2 was just released about 6 months ago.


If not, install the service pack. If you have, uninstall everything and re-install. Before you uninstall however, create a PST file and copy all your email into it. Then uninstall, delete and re-install.


What is happening to you is not normal. I've been running Office 2007 since the first day of release with NO issues on about 20 systems.


Good luck (and welcome to groovypost!)

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