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I have a blog on And as you can see when you visit it, is that all the blogs appear on the first page. And I would like that only the last blog appears on the first page, or the blogs I want to appear there. How do I do that? Trying the next steps isnt helping. Because when you get to step 2, I cant find the "Custom Fields" or "Add Custom Field". I got the new page. That went oké. But after that, it stops.


Upload the archives.php in your theme directory (wp-content/themes/themename/). Then from the Admin Panel, Write > Write Page, and choose Add a New Page:


1. Give your new archives Page a suitable title like Archive Index. Leave the Page content blank.

2. Under Custom Fields, select _wp_page_template from the dropdown. Leave the Key field blank, and enter archives.php into the Value field.

3. Click Add Custom Field.

4. Voila! Your archive index can be accessed at


Its just a free wordpress account.

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So... I've never used a FREE wordpress account but I have experience using a personal wordpress account. Perhaps they are the same?


Anyway, on the Self-Hosted wordpress blog goto the SETTINGS Section and Click Reading. Here you will have options to decide what the front page looks like. You can choose a single page or display your last 10 posts. The # 10 is configurable to whatever you want. Lots of options there so hopefully that helps!


Make sense?

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