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what is it? I didn't why it occur, however, after getting the message of error from about item, I find I can't no longer to use taskmanager from taskbar and also IE google change to a JuicyFinder.Com search engine? I have use norton 2010 to search any virus but nothing have found(but it's fine now after rebuild the search engine). there were so many information from net about that but couldn't understand what is it and how to solve it in a easy way.



*** I also find regedit.exe couldn't get in or execute like the error message of taskm.both files exist in the correct path


" window didn't find [.........] please.....entry correct name and try again" but all the thing was correct, path and existance of files

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initdsk.exe is malware that infects other parts of your computer like a non-stop spreading virus.


First it will infect the system and re-write itself under different names, it will even go as far as to replicate itself as a DLL and run under scvhost.exe.

It also will infect regedit.exe causing regedit to become a trojan, and it can even block Task Manager.


The virus isn't common enough for it to be picked up by most anti-virus programs, though they may alert you as other parts of your system become infected.


If you got initdsk.exe on your system... GAME OVER for your computer.

Sorry man - time to reformat and start over.


See Mrgroove's post on basic computer security and you'll likely never get infected again!

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however, I have solve the regedit and taskmgr problem by a free antivirus soft from net, however, the initdsk.exe problem is still there that I get into win7, the message popup open. I am so concerned the word you said "format" and "reinstall win7". there must have alternative to solve it? although I am not sure......

at least, every is ok and fine after getting the free antivirus, and I have tried few of those to search for any remained, but nothing found, so I guess I have solve the big one problem but only initdsk.exe sitll popup when I log in win7.....


I have a Q that people knew initdsk.exe but why no one would solve it like antivirus software, norton etc, even microsoft from update.

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Yeah I agree with Dexter, that is a nasty virus. You can't really trust your computer again once you've had it.

You DONT need to reformat... just don't ever put any personal of financial information on that computer until you do.

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